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Lynx 6x6

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azakow #1 Posted 14 February 2019 - 11:14 AM


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I might be a good idea to have own topic for this vehicle.

I've freeXP to this vehicle and it's modules and suffering a bad freeXP hangover.


Here my crew and module setup.


I am a mole. I can't see anything and my viewrange is 383m. Regular LT can freely move infront of me without being spotted at all. I got killed often in last week, because of not spotting.

I have cool HE and fast AP ammo.

I tent to support my teams LT or MT from 2nd line. Therefore I use rapid mode to jump from position to position in order to catch up with them again.

I use rapid mode in friendly territory to switch flanks. Other than that I found rapid mode to be a rapid ticket to garage.

I fight other LT only when forced to.


What is your experience with this vehicle?

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Oldewolfe #2 Posted 14 February 2019 - 11:28 AM

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Oh he11....    My Crew's pretty Anemic compared to that... 


I went Vents, Rammer and Stabilizer on mine and a Coat of Camo Skill on the Crew, that's about 70% now...     Basic Consumables and an Auto Extinguisher, but I'm considering a Large Repair Kit to backup the Small one....      Haven't tried Food yet....


Been running the 75mm for the Reload more than anything else and been Faux Grinding the rest of them....    I have the Free XP, but I wanted to see how it all Feels from the Bottom all the way to Topped Out.....       For Ammo I went 20/15/10 I believe it is HE/APCR/HEAT....      Yes, I swapped the Load Out about some since I mainly run into Scouts and make it a Point to get into Reds Backyard and after their Artillery....


I'll likely go Mandatory S Kills for the Second Round, but Retraining to BiA for the Extra Bonuses is also an Option....     I just prefer Spending Once if I have too....       Overall I like it, I just need to find a Sweet Spot for it and hope for Better Maps when I hit Battle....

voodoospirit #3 Posted 14 February 2019 - 05:34 PM


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azakow asked me to reply there , i will copy paste and may be update later:


i used to be a exclusive light player  (MM+4/+5)but now i m still a light player in 70% of my battles.


i have a 3 comp crew (pretty much same comp as azakow) from christmas , still grinding the camo (89%) and then try to extent the view range on the commander and repairs for the wheels

tank has the same set up but with small repair and small medikit and for the moment i have the strong coffee ( i have a lot of credits, so i dont mind to spend it on this tank)


grinding the lynx 6x6 (have it full for sometimes now), i like it, i might keep it after i unlock the T9, very team dependant at the start tho, on the average overall map, it s a mid/late gameplay tank.


my VR is 377m , i don t spot much but on small maps (but then everyone spot like me) , i mostly get spotted first and as i don t have suicidal tendancies, i back up and do fire support until the lines are cleared a bit so i can go deeper and harass , it relocate faster than other lights, pretty much like a regular AMX 13 XX gameplay but without the clip

the reverse speed allow fast peekaboo or relocation.

gun has a good focus so u can land snapshot at mid distance and lucky hits. u can also go reverse and still shot with a good focus on the tanks


no pivot= streets are a pain, i often get blocked by the walls with the turning radius, corridors are deathtraps as u can t pivot so...backward speed in a corridor = getting shot.

the wheels: anything will damages them, i think it has 20hps per wheels, splash, wrecks, tank contacts, anything....and 1-2 wheels dead, u lose 45/80% of the speed.


those tanks requires a highskill cap tho, a very good crew and camo paint....and food if possible whereas the usual equivalent light tank can have less skilled crew, no camo, no food to perform ok.


active spotter: my lttb performs way better and is more nimble at the same speed.

firesupport: my m41 90 or amx 13 XX perform better too. lttb has a lower pen but can still shot too.

passive spotting: no binocs available, a 75% crew [insert t8 LT] will do better.

never engage a LT432, never, neverrrrrrr.


the turret sometimes get lost, dunno which side to turn to aime the target as u circle/avoid targets.


at full speed , u r not nimble, seems that anything, right above the tomatoes, under 300m can manage to hit u ( if 2 wheels are dead u r at 20/30km/h amx = like tracked = dead)

HE is RNG dependant, very situationnal, i had bad rng on amx and others, so more likely paper very thin tank.(elc eleven, scorps, and so)


ruins ( statues/ himmeldorf debris) will make u jump or lose speed or send u on a 180/360/90 degres turn = death coming fast. u will find yourself doint a wheeling at 20kmh when 0.1sec ago, u were at 80kmh ....


at the end, i dont play it as a spotter but more likely as a M41 90 fire support machine, VR and speed doesn t counter binocs or classical lights (their speed + their VR) but taht need the team to be so-so until mid game so u can fly in and start to mess with everyone with your reverse speed and so.

it would be the equivalent of the lttb without the view range with fast reverse speed, less nimble, no bouncing chance, but a better pen gun with depression

for the moment, i still manage to get 52% WR with it but it mostly depends on what the team will do on the first 5mn....and the map.....


on the test server, the only one that can be an active spotter will be the EBR 105 as the base VR is meh but ok and can be boosted.

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Oldewolfe #4 Posted 15 February 2019 - 11:45 AM

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Yah, that Reverse Speed is Nice...     And if the X Key happens to be Active at the Time, watch out....     They may not Pivot well, but they 3 Point Turn Nicely, especially if you Roll up an Incline which they can about do from a Standing Start and most Tanks can't do that.....


Had to Back Out from an advancing 432 and BC in Frontline yesterday....     I got one of them, Team Mate got the other, I made the Repair Circle to go Back only to get Caught by a Prog 46 and Red Artillery....     No Backing Out of that one....     lol

Gremlin182 #5 Posted 15 February 2019 - 12:51 PM


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I pretty much never leave rapid mode I charge ahead into danger ducking and weaving at 80 if I do it in normal mode at 58 I get hit.

I put on a 3 skill commander and 3 female crew so I had BIA and Camo right from the start.

Crew are working on Recon and Situational awareness to get that view range up as high as possible.

Still on stock engine and the second gun.


Still learning so make mistakes and have bad games as well as good.

The problem with this type is always going to be the view range.

On an open map with flatish terrain its great any other map and its a struggle.

If you cannot use that speed you are not in a position to help your Team much.


When you get a map that's quite restrictive any competent enemy will probably work out exactly where you will go and pick you off.

I am enjoying the challenge how long that will keep me interested when a succession of bad maps make the games frustrating is anyone's guess.


voodoospirit #6 Posted 19 February 2019 - 05:23 PM


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ok, finished grinding to the the t9, the lynx is still in the garage for the moment.

ended with 52% wr only over 165 battles.


summury of this tank for me as an above average player and a light player for ages.


+ good depression ( or seems to be)

+ good fire support, reverse speed allows effective pikaboo

+ good HE pen but less efficient in its MM than the T6 one, still good against very thin paper armor tank (elc even), still RNG depedant,  HE like the german ones.

+ good acceleration , useful on hill/slope climbing and relocation.

- useless active scout, VR is too low (382m at the end of my grind) , outspotted by any meds/tds/lights with binocs, regular meds are a tad slower at t8 but way better view range. any of my lights do better even the amx line...u will get stunned max time.  ( the t9 , i have almost 400m view range, so i will be able to scout actively with it), the problem of the VR is when u loo, over the "ridge"" on some maps, u can see far enough but if u go on the enemy side and in this case, u r pretty much toasted.

- no armor, wheels get destroyed all the time, slowing down the tank to 25kmh = pretty much like being track =death coming fast. my wheels took a lot of time to repair as i had no repair skills.

- need a lot of comps crew.....VR,camo, 6th sense.....way more than any of my lights at the start....

- streets and the braking diameter....no pivot.....enjoy getting blocked byt the walls, statues, whatever....

- olympic freestyle champion,, u will do 180,360, crokscrew on whatever u can hit (rocks,cliff, whatever) and fortunatly, u can land on your wheels without much damages, otherwise u d die in each game almost.

- never ever engage a LT432 whatever the color it is....NEEVVVEERRRRRRR.

-very team dependant until mid game where u will have more space to engage (or save the world)


those tanks are still fun to play but all in all, regular lights will be more efficient, more all around tanks.

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Kothaar #7 Posted 10 March 2019 - 11:26 PM

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The final 90 mm gun has weird RNG. The first gun felt good at hitting targets even from move, but the final 90 mm will miss even close shots. Also average damage is not what the game tells you. 240 points is not the average damage, it is a lot lower. And for some reason it keeps dinging shots that the 75 mm did easily. So, another stealth-nerfed gun from Wargaming. Thank you very much, over 40 000 exp wasted. Pretty annoying since I really believed the gun would make the tank. I guess the only thing this tank has going for it is the speed. So I keep driving around maps, putting single shots on tanks, hitting and penetrating with every third shot.

One thing this tank is good at is putting you into trouble. You keep finding yourself alone in some corner of the map, while rest of the team are crowding in another. So you see your team will loose because they left half the map open for enemies and cannot do anything about it. Nice.

And of course the people who think your job is to spot for them. People in tanks with 450 meters viewrange yell at you because they believe you should "spot" for them. (Or I believe they yell, I have not had the battle chat on for several years. At least they keep pinging you incessantly) Your own teammates seem to hate you. Have been pushed from ledges, shot at, etc. many times. Those situations always end up badly since I tend to return the compliment.

Maps are too small for vehicles this fast. You have 3 armored cars and they are in each others way a lot of the time.

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Oldewolfe #8 Posted 11 March 2019 - 01:46 AM

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A little Off Topic here as it pertains to how I set up the EBR 75 FL10, but I think it also applies here as well...


When I got the EBR 75, while I was Equipping it, i just happened to Mouse Over the Enhanced Suspension and the Blurb said "Adds 50% to Suspension Health"....     Well, since the EBR 75 can't use a Rammer I added that instead....       It seems to actually work fairly well as I have been Hit but hardly Slowed.....     Haven't had it out over the x3 Weekend on the NA Server to recheck it, but I will be again Soon....      I'm thinking of trying it on the Lynx as well.....


As for the Top 90mm, I have been noticing that too....    I don't recall the Middle Gun being so Fickle either.....      Right now I have the 75mm back on there for the Reload only, but I may go back to the Mid Tier Gun soon ince Frontline starts back up....


I also saw an Earlier Thread on here anbout Clutch Braking....     While this I feel may well ne a Useless Skill in the Armored Cars, one Skill that may well be of Use, Controlled Impact.....     If nothing else, to Mitigate the Damage one takes even just leaving the Cap, but also with the Need for some to Ram these Fragile things it couldn't hurt....

bluedog_8_1 #9 Posted 24 March 2019 - 07:18 PM


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Best tank in the game. Impossible to kill it. I hit it head on and on the side flush with 152mm arty at short range. Wasn’t a near miss, I checked and the 14mm saved it and it killed me. It’s a keeper

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