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Is it possible to cooperate with WG regarding new game content?

WG Wargaming Map New Tank Tanks Content Update Cooperate Work

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grizly1973 #1 Posted 20 February 2019 - 08:43 PM


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The title might lead you into thinking that this is some kind of stupid troll topic, but I'm actually serious.


I'm wondering if there could be a way in which a player (i.e. an individual, not a company) could do partnerships with WG. This supposed partnership would include game content ranging from gamemodes to new branches/mechanics and, in my case, new maps.

I'm sure those of you that are active on the forums have already seen my 3 map proposals:



As you can see, all 3 of them are serious and made with quality in mind. I consider that such proposals are of great importance if seen by the map design team(s) and could become in-game maps (all 3 are intended as actual maps to be implemented in-game).


So, I'm asking if there's any way to attract WG's attention to community members that come up with interesting and promising new content concept ideas for the game, and if there is, could an individual partnership with WG (with paperwork and all that stuff)?


I know that applying for an actual job at WG is one option, but (at least in my case) the cooperation would be short-term (I'd say I could fuel WG with map designs for up to 1 year with a new map every 2 months until I finish my studies) and actual employment would be inefficient for now, to say it like that.

I do consider a life-long career at WG when I completely finish my studies (8 years till then), so any kind of advice on this topic would be very helpful for me. :P


I'm eager to see what the members of the WG Staff forum team can say about this and what they advise me to do.

Bracciano_gatto #2 Posted 20 February 2019 - 10:18 PM

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PM WG staff or Cyprus.

Orso_della_palude #3 Posted 23 February 2019 - 12:23 PM


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non so se è il "posto" giusto per proporre una possibile idea che i tecnici potrebbero valutare se utile o meno ...

- quando in "caserma" si passa con mouse su uomo di equipaggio si possono leggere le percentuali  definite con il solo  numero dell'addestramento , skill, perk -


forse anche in caserma sarebbe più rapido e più intuitivo se le abilita con percentuale venissero evidenziati con le stesse modalità di quando l'equipaggio è a bordo del tank ossia piccola icona rappresentante l'abilità e livello in percentuale dell'ultima ...


sicuramente è una cosa di poco conto rispetto alle grandi idee del gioco ma forse potrebbe essere utile 

grazie del tempo dedicato




Good morning,

not so is the right "place" for possible possible ideas that technicians could evaluate if useful or not ...

- when in the "barracks" you pass the mouse on the equipment you can read the percentages defined with the only number of training, skills, perk -


perhaps it is quicker and more intuitive if the ability has been evaluated in the same way as when the equipment is an edge of the tank


certainly it is a minor thing compared to the great ideas of the game but maybe it could be useful

thanks for your time



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