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WoT - Superhero Edition


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Indy_Bones #1 Posted 05 March 2019 - 03:16 PM


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Things had been quiet recently for the Marvel superheroes, that was until a group of them who were out on a visit to the old town of Ruinberg, came across a new supervillain, who in the blink of an eye turned them all into tanks! They were then told they had to fight a simulated 6 vs 6 'World of Tanks style' battle in order for them to return to their normal forms. Not having much option and with little other disasters going on, they though “Why not?”.


Iron Man decided that the fairest way they could do this would be if Jarvis picked balanced teams to make it a more interesting fight. Clearly a supercomputer would know best how to equalise the sides right?


The heroes (and the tanks they became) were organised as follows:

Team A consisted of:


Hulk (Type 5 Heavy)

Scarlet Witch (430U)

Quicksilver (100-LT)

Black Panther (Obj 907)

Iron Man (Obj 277)

Loki (Obj 261)


Team B was:

Thor (FV183)

Captain America (T110E5)

Black Widow (T-62A)

Hawkeye (CGC)

Spiderman (Sheridan)

Starlord (M48 Patton)


With these completely balanced sides organised, they each took a place at the opposite end of the town and went over some basic tactics before getting right into it.


Hulk being Hulk decided that tactics were boring, and he immediately started moving into the town, closely followed by Iron Man and Scarlet Witch. Black Panther and the others decided to have a look at the smaller houses to the east, with Quicksilver doing a quick run to see if he could find the enemy first.


Sure enough, most of team B were seen within seconds by Quicksilver, and Loki nearly managed to take out Hawkeye by landing a shot right next to him which he somehow survived and got behind cover. Spiderman was zipping around the field desperately trying to see where the enemies were, and got hit twice by Black Panther in the process. Things were already looking grim for Team B, and less than a minute had passed.


Things weren't any better for them in the city, as Captain America rounded a corner only to see Iron Man and Scarlet Witch pointed straight at him, and his shield could only stop one of their shots from getting through. Starlord went rushing in to flank them both, only to run straight into Hulk who unleashed a devastating blow, leaving him stricken and on the verge of death, a death which Scarlet Witch was only too happy to provide a few seconds later.


Team B were down to 5, and Team A didn't have a scratch on them.


Loki was still trying to destroy Hawkeye with single minded purpose, when out of the blue, Hawkeye somehow managed to hit him perfectly despite Loki never even having been seen by anyone!




Back on the other side, Black Panther and Quicksilver were mercilessly harassing that part of the town, with shots going in every time an enemy dared to poke out of cover, and none of them had been closing to hitting the fast moving Quicksilver in response, and Black Widow in particular had sustained heavy injuries in the onslaught of shells coming her way.


Nobody as yet had seen Thor and were wondering if he'd disappeared back to Asgard at this point.


In the city, Captain America was beating a hasty retreat knowing he was pretty much alone against 3 of them, and he knew by now that Hulk would only be getting closer, and he'd still have Iron Man and Scarlet Witch to worry about.


Then there was a huge crack of thunder, and Quicksilver disintegrated as Thor's hammer shot out of nowhere, evaporating him on the spot!


It was 5-4 to Team B, but they were badly injured on the whole and knew that they were unlikely to stop the incoming enemies from the town, so they made the call to push their forces into Black Panther letting weight of numbers count on that side. Spiderman and Black Widow lead the charge, with Hawkeye keeping Black Panther pinned down from escaping away, and soon after, he too was vanquished by their combined efforts.


5-3 to Team B – but not for long.


Iron Man and Scarlet Witch had detoured in the town and made their way towards the middle in a desperate attempt to save Black Panther, even though they arrived too late to help the king, they managed to catch Spider-Man completely unaware, and 2 shots later the score had changed yet again.


4-3 to Team B.


Hawkeye landed a perfect round, right in the middle of Iron Man and Scarlet Witch, setting Iron Man on fire, and whilst in his suit an onboard fire extinguisher was fully installed, in this form it had seemingly be replaced by a packed lunch, and he could not believe it when he burned to the ground amidst billowing clouds of smoke.


4-2 to Team B


By now Hulk was getting close to Team B's base, and despite repeated shield throws, Captain America only seemed to be making him more angry without doing any damage whatsoever. Deciding to move into close combat where he could use his agility he closed on Hulk and received a huge blow the minute he got near! Nothing was having any effect on the monstrous green machine, and Cap was desperately hoping that Thor would provide him some much needed support against the unstoppable Hulk.


The help never came, and Cap was destroyed shortly after a couple more massive blows from Hulk, who moved inexorably into Team B's base to capture it.


3-2 to Team B


On the field, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow were playing “ring a ring of rosies” round one of the houses, trying to catch each other with a telling blow. Bizarrely, Hawkeye had decided to move in to help Widow, so Scarlet Witch was completely shocked to see him appear behind her and unleash the killing blow.


3-1 to Team B


Time was now ticking down in the cap circle, and knowing that Hulk would be no easy match for even the three of them, Widow made the call to push towards their base in the hope that she could try the old “It's getting real dark” trick on Hulk. She rounded the corner and narrowly missed being hit be another of his immense strikes, and immediately began talking. Hulk began to feel VERY sleepy, but just before he lost consciousness, the managed to hit the ground next to Widow, and the resulting shrapnel shredded the last of her health.


2-1 to Team B


With only seconds remaining, and seeing a sleeping hulk in the cap circle, Thor's hammer thundered through the air straight into the unmissable target – only to bounce ineffectively off his shoulder and fall uselessly to the floor!


Screaming over the radio for Hawkeye to help before it was too late, the muffled response of “I've got no shot from here” came back over the comms...and it was all over.


Hulk's incredible strength had won the day against superior odds at the end, indeed, he'd not even received a single scratch through the entire thing (well, neither had Thor, but what do you expect from a red-line camper?).


As they turned back into their normal selves, Team B could be heard grumbling amongst each other:

“We'd have won that if they didn't have an overpowered Hulk”, “You can't just sit at the back Thor FFS”, “ARTY CAN MOVE YOU KNOW”, and finally “Bloody awful MM ruined that battle”...


The End ;)

_SpartanWarrior_ #2 Posted 07 March 2019 - 07:21 PM

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Woah O-O how much it took you to make it?

Nishi_Kinuyo #3 Posted 08 March 2019 - 12:02 AM

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So... FV215 183 as Saitama then? :D



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XxKuzkina_MatxX #4 Posted 08 March 2019 - 01:50 AM

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Pretty good! :)


Some event or style maybe?

Indy_Bones #5 Posted 08 March 2019 - 08:49 AM


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View Post_SpartanWarrior_, on 07 March 2019 - 06:21 PM, said:

Woah O-O how much it took you to make it?


I wrote this in about 45 mins the other afternoon when I was bored and the idea came to me :)

_SpartanWarrior_ #6 Posted 16 March 2019 - 03:38 PM

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Rupolsky #7 Posted 23 March 2019 - 09:33 AM


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No He-Man..........:(

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