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Well i am back.

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RaxipIx #1 Posted 12 March 2019 - 12:03 AM

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So i will start with an apology for my bad language, and  i say sorry to everyone who read that thread  , before it got  into the mods attention.

While i am not   sure why the WG admins did not admit to making a mistake and saying sorry, that's something up to them and it's pretty much water under the bridge.


Yes yes, don't look amazed, i am choosing my words very carefully so i can fit in the little square that are the forum rules and i don't get another ban.


But for some reason on the day my ban is over WG saw fit to send me an email about a survey:-it's a

 port Satisfaction Survey Support Satisfaction Survey.


Well if they insist on sending me a survey on the day my ban is over, i will oblige and say my opinion about some stuff.


Dear WG , the system you have now in place for enforcing name/clan violation rules is trash and it belongs in the garbage can.

Why? Well dear WG Administration since you clearly value my opinion i will tell you why.

Because it's  a game of chance,  If you have an offensive nick/ clan name nobody cares until it gets reported. And if it's offensive and reported it will get renamed(trust me on this i tested it, and i will give credit where credit is due)

But the thing is when somebody starts searching for offensive clan tags/names, player names, starts using several languages , and starts replacing some A with 4 and some E with 3. There are pages upon pages, upon pages, upon pages, of offensive names that break the rules. Yes plenty of them have 0 games, but trust me there is a plethora of them with 1-2-3 k 10k-20k-up to 60k battles.

You don't believe me, make a search and see for yourself. Lovely rule enforcing.


And this would all be fine, if a WG ADMIN would have not come to the forums and write this "That's why the report offensive or inappropriate clan names is there, you can do all the searches you want but some will sneak through. " This quote was taken from the forum, not from CS so i don't get baned.

Really sorry to point this out but "some", maybe i was taught wrong in school , but does not really add up with what i can find, or WG can find if they start searching, and they start looking.

Really, WG wants me to report every offensive nick name,  5 daily for a bare minimum of a year free of charge? That's some nice marketing, well i will not bite. I I only searched  in Romanian/Hungarian/English/French..people told me there is plenty in Dutch, German, Italian,Polish. But i don't know those languages so i  took those out from the equation.


But since WG is so keen on finding out my opinion, i will ask some other questions too.

For example, there was an announcement that i could not be bothered to look up, but what they did is changed the Empire something map, they took away encounter mode/or assault mode. You can look it up., i can't really remember if the problem was with assault or encounter, but they did remove one of those modes. They removed it because it was bad and one side had a clear advantage.

Yet we still have MINES encounter, i admit i am too stupid to make sense of that, But is not Mines encounter flat out the most broken map in that mode, EVER?


And while i am at it, here is the really fun part. When they changed arty, and they admitted it's a problem, they did a good decision and improved the game, nerfing them.

Can anyone please explain why the LEFH was available in the Christmas boxes? They gave away the most broken arty tier for tier in the game, and that is a premium un nerfed arty that has better view range then most tier 6 LT's with a 8 second reload or something?And can shoot heat he,ap?

I must be stupid because i see no logic in those moves.

But the cherry on the top is this, they took one of the most loved game modes Front Lines, they gave it an arty consumable that can pretty much insta kill everything without armor at max level. So not only arties can make indirect fire, but every player who has enough points. And that was still not enough, they buffed that clicker consumable so it has no arc, it hits at a 90 degrees angle like not even CGC can hit, after they nerf arty. Like really?


Is it just me or for every good decision they make like 6-7 bad in a row?Maybe i am delusional.

Oops almost forgot. The reduction  on ALpha for premium ammo will be bad without  balancing the SH tanks, and other rusky highly armored tanks. Don't believe me. Feel free to try it out, and then in 2 years admit it's bad and change it just like with MM.

Well dear WG i hope i answered to the survey as clearly as i can.

For the rest thank you for reading, with love Raxi.


Also i look forward to the next  survey, where i can talk about MM and other stuff.


*I will admit one thing though , there is hope because some people from the CS staff is really doing what they have to do,and pretty  much resolved my tickets in couple of  minutes, well most of them. Still hats off to them.












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TungstenHitman #2 Posted 12 March 2019 - 12:06 AM


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My cats breath smells like cat food

RaxipIx #3 Posted 12 March 2019 - 12:11 AM

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View PostTungstenHitman, on 12 March 2019 - 12:06 AM, said:

My cats breath smells like cat food


Lovely cat:)

OMG_Abaddon #4 Posted 12 March 2019 - 12:12 AM

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I don't follow you 100% here, were you banned due to offensive nickname? Or clan name? I lost track.


Anyway I think it's forbidden to discuss bans, just in case their shady obscure report system shows its flaws to the public.

Hardraw_Force #5 Posted 12 March 2019 - 12:15 AM


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View PostTungstenHitman, on 11 March 2019 - 11:06 PM, said:

My cats breath smells like cat food


My dog likes to eat excrement so no points for guessing what his breath smells like 

Obsessive_Compulsive #6 Posted 12 March 2019 - 12:39 AM


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View PostHardraw_Force, on 12 March 2019 - 12:15 AM, said:


My dog likes to eat excrement so no points for guessing what his breath smells like 


You have the option of not allowing such poo munching practises. I wonder if you are laying them on the lawn and sniggering while it chews...

XxKuzkina_MatxX #7 Posted 12 March 2019 - 01:11 AM


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Raxi, you're a hothead. It was a trivial matter but you wouldn't let go for some reason and i see you broke a lot of stuff in your wake!

Jigabachi #8 Posted 12 March 2019 - 01:20 AM

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And now please do us a favor and sum up your point in two or three coherent sentences.

UserZer00 #9 Posted 12 March 2019 - 08:19 AM

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View PostJigabachi, on 12 March 2019 - 01:20 AM, said:

And now please do us a favor and sum up your point in two or three coherent sentences.


My interpretation


1. Please stop enforcing rules only 2% (internet estimate) of the time. If you are going to enforce them be consistant or at least make a constant effort.


2. Please stop "fixing" the game only to then do something stupid that makes it 5x worse and totally goes against the "fix" that was put in place.


Of course, I havent had any caffine so I could be wrong.

wsatnutter #10 Posted 12 March 2019 - 08:28 AM


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tldr but welcome back and I don't think you have quite got it out of your system yet?

Hedgehog1963 #11 Posted 12 March 2019 - 08:54 AM

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I wonder if he thinks anyone is going to read all that?

Frostilicus #12 Posted 12 March 2019 - 09:09 AM

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View PostHedgehog1963, on 12 March 2019 - 07:54 AM, said:

I wonder if he thinks anyone is going to read all that?


Not me - was it a flounceback? Usually they flounce out, not back :)

arthurwellsley #13 Posted 12 March 2019 - 09:16 AM


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Asklepi0s #14 Posted 12 March 2019 - 10:20 AM


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