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A general question and comment on the siege feature

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PowJay #1 Posted 12 March 2019 - 11:59 AM


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So- as the title suggests- this is a general thought and question regarding the siege mechanism on the tier VIII to X TDs.


As a VERY experienced TD player, I have worked my way up the Swedish TD tree. Although I have had some good and some bad experiences, I have reached the (now fully upgraded) UDES03- the first to feature the siege mechanism.


I get it. It's straightforward and I have no issue with it's method of operation and use. I am trying to make the most of its uniqueness as often as I can. But I hate it.

Bear in mind that Sixth Sense goes off after around two seconds of being spotted, I now have two more seconds of switching to travel mode- which is often enough to get smacked. This is only one of the issues I have with it, but it tends to lead to me sticking with siege mode as much as possible while sniping from as far back as possible. Many would argue that this is the strength of these TDs, and I would tend to agree.

The problem comes when you can't rely on your team. For example, in one very campy, bottom-tier match on Paris, I more or less said "[edited] this" and advanced in my SU-101 to make a push. With some armour and the ability to fire on the move, I actually had a good game. We won and I may have even survived. I find with the UDES03 that I can be head-on to an enemy tank but unless I am in siege mode, I miss a final shot more often than not. And I die.


Another reason why you can't advance is that you are soooooo vulnerable to the circle kill. You cannot both circle and shoot effectively at the same time! You HAVE to stay back and snipe and with this total lack of versatility, I have just about taken all I can from this vehicle.


So- to the question. Are the two Strvs any better? I mean can you see far enough to be independent? Are you armoured enough to lead an advance now and again? Or is there any reason you can think of why I might enjoy the tier IX more than the UDES03? because at the moment, I am thinking of just packing the tier VIII grind in and going back to one of the lower tier vehicles with a highly-trained crew.

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