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Massive mistake of WG to give new players tier 8

bad move rental frontline

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_RNG #21 Posted 16 March 2019 - 09:09 PM


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50% at least new players  ( with some hundred games) are better then many old players

Mandol_1 #22 Posted 28 March 2019 - 08:13 PM


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View PostShypax, on 13 March 2019 - 04:55 PM, said:

why wargaming,  why do you make rental tanks

you make a game mode, specific for tier 8 tanks, to take the massive amounts of premium tanks out of the normal queue , which is fine .
why on earth do you make so that every single noob with a few 100k worth of credit can participate?? why do you make it so that if a rental player dies within 30 sec because he has NO IDEA what he is doing in  tier 8 battles , he is now locking up a spot for a useful player??? , why do you make it so hard to defend when you spawn everyone futhest back in the zone but place the flag zones behind hills and terrain and therefore making it impossible to make it back to decap ?

you had the chance to make a fantastic game mode, all you had to do was not give every single player access to it 
there should be a minimum of 2 owned tier 8s and atleast 500 battles played in such tanks .

im not a pro player, i play casually , but i HATE wasting my time with horrible teams , i hate getting into a game with ZERO skill based match making, how is it fair to match a player with 50k games vs one with 500 games in the same game? its laughable at best, you are right now seeing falling numbers in players, you have to release all new premium tanks with marathons otherwise people wont bother to play, you refuse to do anything about afking and bots, frontline is amazing and good fun ,but its sooo unbalanced its beyond mindblowing, and good job making all frontline servers lag with wheeled tanks avalible , so you cannot hit them , that was a great move also .


TL;DR , fix your damn game its pathethic .



Could not agree more.
Was just about to flame a whinner in another topic about this subject but decided not too. 
Glad to see someone els have the same opinion as I.

Thank you!

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