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T-54 first prototype vs STG(guard)

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oliwertoja #1 Posted 13 March 2019 - 11:54 PM


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which of this two tanks are worth to buy atm. (i have -30% discount). I won't wait for T-44-100.

I like to play T-54 or T-44 and I haven't played yet obj 416 line.


I'm worry about T-54 first prot, penetration 190mm vs IX/X tier and his worse mobility than T-44, but how it's looks in real?


STG is it playable? this 122m long rld and poor dpm doesn't sounds good also weak armor must be HE lover.


I want good tank for crew training and also good moneymaker.

Zirakss #2 Posted 17 May 2019 - 01:22 PM

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The T-54 first prototype was damn nice in the days but have not enough penetration for the current meta. The STG Guard has 212mm of penetration against the 190mm the T-54 first prototype. The Guard has one degree less of gun depression (6 vs 7°;). The Guard hits harder with his 122mm gun. It's similar to the IS-3, but has more medium stats (dispersion 3.3 vs 4, aiming 2.5 vs 3.4). The T-54 first prototype is more nimble (Power/Wt Ratio of 14.29 hp/t vs 21.41 hp/t) but the STG Guard has very good ground resistance values. So the guard is not that sluggish as it's power to weight ratio would let you suspect.


I would advise for the STG guard.


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