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Lansen C - Thoughts?

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Nick_Stone #1 Posted 25 March 2019 - 08:51 PM


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What a paper tank lol

Think I lost 250hp to a stone thrown up from the tank in front.


If you're looking at this tank for any kind of open play, don't. You get zero armour for that hard hitting cannon.

You're 3rd line with the TD's 

Get caught in the open - Your dead

Get tracked - Your dead

Get shot anywhere but the gun mantlet - Drivers dead, Gun knocked out, and loading mechanism damaged. - then you're dead.

To be honest, if some stared really hard at the armour, it'd pierce it. 



Find a nice burm or hole to hide every bit of your tank but the gun mantle, and your're out of spotting distance of the enemy, then you're doing some real damage.

or wait behind the lines on the off chance you can spring on a lone HT/TD with your speed and circle them and beat them into submission with that gun.


The Lansen C is basically a glass cannon that can run. VERY situational tank. Get that situation and it'll be the best tank on WoT you've ever played, unfortunately the other 99% of the time is painful. 



Oldewolfe #2 Posted 26 March 2019 - 04:10 PM


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But it does Work if you let it....     Just like the Leo, it's a Tank, Not Bad, Not Great, just a Tank...     


But unlike the Leo it makes better Credits, XP, and it actually Hits things Downrange...  



Tohtori #3 Posted 29 March 2019 - 08:47 AM


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I like it. Relatively small target to hit, good mobility, good gun depression, good view range with appropriate load out and crew skills and best of all an alpha damage that actually matters at tier 8. Being a tier 8 machine is in my mind definitely the worst part about this tank. You are in T10 battles all the time and if your team's T10's suck there isn't necessarily that much you can do. Can be very frustrating. Armour isn't that good so you have to actually think what you are doing with this one. Quite similar to Leo with the bigger gun. I like them both :). Can be very effective as a scout too. I got my ACE tanker doing around 5.5k spotting damage. I'd say the tank is like Sweden: it makes sense and can be very fun :).

Heavyfoot #4 Posted 03 April 2019 - 12:45 PM


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Well, it plays pretty much as a M4 Rev.

It thrives far away from the front line, sniping your targets. Now, it isn't a great sniper. Mediocre dispersion, long aim time and fairly low shell velocity makes that hard. But with the armour on this tank you can't afford to be in the front, taking hits.

So the best scenarios for this tank is:

1) Outside spoting range, supporting your scouts.


2) Hull down when you can use your gun depression to take snapshots and retreat behind cover. 

Be aware of SPG, they will really mess you up. They may acctually pen you and do +1000 damage.

At short ranges even a IS-3 can take snapshots at you. It dosen't matter where it hits, it will pen.
People will shoot HE shells at you and do a lot of damage. Your tracks will eat a HE shell so over angling can be a tactic. (Beside not being shot).

With 208 mm standard pen you can work with the gun. But take at least 10 premium shells because in a Tier 9/Tier 10 match up that will struggle. Also, at least 5 HE for harrasment of Tier 10 tanks.

If you allready have a M4 Rev. I see no need to buy this one. In fact, I would probably say that the M4 Rev. is the stronger one of them. But as a Swede a never will admit to saying that.

Gardar7 #5 Posted Yesterday, 07:02 AM


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- It reaches max speed very fast and power to weight ratio is excellent (Although max speed is only 49km/h

- Good gun depression (Which is not so useful thanks to the zero turret armour)

(- Good looking with the viking skin)



- Paper - SPG can do 1000+ dmg easily or any HE hit can be lethal

- Terrible view range

- Horrible gun handling - snap shots always miss, very trollish gun - I would choose KV-2 any day for sniping instead of this

- Extremely bad accuracy combined with mediocre pen makes the gun even more frustrating. You can't hit weak points and the gun can't pen anywhere else. 

- Turret traverse speed is very low 

- Turning like a whale, but I used to it from Leo


All-in-all, this is something like TVP VTU, a little bit better thanks to its gun depression and acceleration. But it is totally uncompetitive on current tier 8, Progetto, Defender, Skorp, EBR, LT-432, T-44-100, etc. all of them are better tanks. Don't waste your money on this, I regret so much that I bought it. 


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