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LANSEN C an attractive good looking tank... BUT....

MM bottom tier

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Alfa_Tau #1 Posted 27 March 2019 - 08:23 PM


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Hello everyone 

I had to say the recently released LANSEN C is really a nice medium tank, fast and mobile and with a good punch. However  I am somehow doubtful about buying it.

Following my feelings it would be already in my garage BUT since it is another tier 8 medium and today all the 16 games I have played I was BOTTOM TIER, I don't think it is Worth it. Not for me at least.

To be bottom tier 2 times out of 4 or 5 would be already okish. but to feel constantly inferior to half of your enemy team it is really frustrating.

Bottom line : money will stay in my pocket for now. Pwrhaps in a few months, following what was promised, MM will be really improved and so will be gaming experiene. Till then.. 

cheers WG. 


upsetti_spaghetti #2 Posted Yesterday, 10:27 PM


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I would wait till patch 1.6 to see if they really are going to start balancing the other normal tanks, if not then you know that they will sink the game while trying to milk it for every penny and you'de save yourself a lot of money.

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