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Alternative monetization ideeas

monetization ideeas

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redblast #1 Posted 29 March 2019 - 02:07 PM


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Alternative monetization ideeas:


1. VOICEPACKS  with QB, skillatu, Circon, Jingles.. man .. I would love a voicepack with Jingles ..  you get it.. people who are influencers, youtubers, streamers  the game you can do it like 5E per voicepack with custom crew skin  and  WG can have 4E for and ever pay 1E to the influencer.. so they don't do it for free.  Aim for every country to have at least one in their native language. That would be lit AF. 
2. 3D Skins customization. .but not 1-2 skins.. I mean hundreds upon hundreds. Awesome and various skins for literally every tanks. 
Maybe even the posibility to add specific items to your tank.. like a wrench, a track,  like those shields for Lansen but highly customisable.. and WG can charge 5E per skin and 1-2-3E for custom item 
3. Customization for garage or maybe a mini base. upgrade and maintain your garage with various things, interactive items who maybe can give you a little bonus.. like 1% more silver or XP in battle. 

4. Pets.  That dog it's awesome form the Wot Classic. garage. Mini tanks, rockets, war dogs, bears.. whatever cross your mind. 


WG can even use the WOT MOD portal for various modders to propose designs and things to improve and you can add them into the website shop with 5-6E and pay 1E to the skin/mod/custom item creator.  Everone wins.. the modders will get some money, WG makes some money

The main purpose is to avoid power creeping of premium tanks that make the game less appealing to players and shift it closely to free to play.. not to pay to win. 


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