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Can you return to a campaign to finish it with honours if you moved on to the next one?


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Z3R0oooo #1 Posted 03 April 2019 - 09:41 PM


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As question states. Additionally, if you can, do you have to do missions you've done with honours all over again?

Balc0ra #2 Posted 03 April 2019 - 09:45 PM

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You can return to do older missions at any time. But you can only have one selected from each set ofc at any time. Just drop one and select a different one from a different tank to try again at it. Same if you used orders on anything. You can select those again, do them with honor and get your orders back. Even if you are 2 tanks higher up. 


But... you need to do the main objective again to do that, not just secondary alone. 

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RenamedUser_50080245721 #3 Posted 03 April 2019 - 09:46 PM

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I'm redoing old missions to get the honours so yes it's possible (but my mods do it I never select a mission manually I just don't care about them I always do them by accident). No you don't have to do anything you completed with honours over again.


Ugh Major Assmann beat me to it. ;)

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PowJay #4 Posted 03 April 2019 - 09:53 PM


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I asked the same question recently and the answer is yes. 


I did the Bloc mission to block the most damage. I did that in the (stock) VK 100.01 P. There was no way I was going to get Honours with this tank (top on damage) so I moved on, completed the entire Bloc campaign, went back and just did the secondary requirement. 


There is no need to undertake any of the primary objectives unless you quit part way through. 

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