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In need of advice

Advice Better player WN8

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SuedKAT #21 Posted 05 April 2019 - 04:07 AM

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View PostBaldrickk, on 04 April 2019 - 10:49 PM, said:

Imho, https://www.youtube....WABrOga3edyKx8Y is the best thing to watch to pick up on what to do and why in different situations.

Get a feel for what to look for and how to approach situations based on that.


That's a nice playlist, I'll recommend this alongside it:


He explains pretty much every action he takes which is immensely useful in my opinion.

Runes_Of_Ragnarok #22 Posted 05 April 2019 - 01:45 PM


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View PostJocMeister, on 04 April 2019 - 09:12 PM, said:


I´m a pretty bad HT player so take my advice for what its worth...


- Mines, middle in the start is good but you are saved in the following 5 mins by arty completely ignoring you. Also you are very aggressive. You were alone against the 50 100, OHO, BC 12t and 430 but they ignored you for some reason only going 1vs1 all the time. You were also exposed to the WT4 and was completely in the open with your back to the arty. I honestly have no clue how you didn´t die there.  Very risky play but it worked! :) You overpeaked vs the Tiger II giving him a free shot on you. Conserve your HP. If you had waited for you could have gotten a shot for free.   Overall its not bad. But you need to work on your camera movement a bit. If you hold down the right mousebutton you can rotate the camera without moving the gun. 


-Highway, I don´t agree on going MT line as a top tier HT. Unless the enemy Defender or Patriot also go MT line you are giving them a huge advantage in the city. There is also a M44 and a FV clickerbot... When the E25 are spotted you stop in the open to shoot him. Don´t do that.. Leo is proxy spotting you all the time. Deal with him first instead of trying to hit the M10. FV and E25 pretty much farmed you and city is quickly overrun. I don´t think going city would have changed much as your team was really bad...but as top tier I think you have an obligation to try and fill your role and you didn´t get anything meaningful done on the MT line.


El-Halouf. When you are crossing you again stop in the open to shoot the 430. You are very lucky because the 430 missed and only 1 arty fired on you. Never stop in the open and especially not with 3 clickerbots in the game. You back off again but stay in the open. You missed that the 430 moved and he gets to shoot you once. Still not arty safe. How are you not getting blasted by 3 artys? You start trading with the E75 and you are not getting much done for a while. I would have moved against the T-44 and Löwe. You move forward into the open and trade a bit with the T-44. You are still not getting anything done. That shot under your ally on the Lowe...questionable. Good play against the E75. You use the camera to see what he does and get a free shot on him when he turns. GJ. You were way to passive in that game. All your damage except the first shot was done after the game was already won. If you find that you are in a position where you cant do damage then you move. The tank you are playing seem to have decent mobility. Use it.


Sand River. I don´t agree with going A-B line but its ok. You trade with the Pantera without losing damage which is nice. But you are then getting passive again. You are letting the Pantera lock you down for a long time. You AMX is suiciding and you will be alone vs Pantera, full health Patriot and LTG....you should have run as soon as the AMX started moving. Game is lost and the Pantera and LTG are moving up behind you. I would have rushed the Patriot to get some damage done. You actually did that. GJ. Unlucky with the Tiger II showing up there. Nothing you could have done in that game as your team was absolute garbage.  

I´ll watch the other 3 tomorrow. :)


Thats exactly what I needed. I had no idea I what I was doing wrong in these matches! I'll analyse the replays once again! Thanks :)

View PostArissos, on 04 April 2019 - 09:24 PM, said:


Checked them quickly. Just my two cents and wait for better players to tell more but these suggestions might be useful anyway. 


1) You seem to zoom a lot. Playing that way leaves you blind to other tanks. Be sure to zoom out to see what is happening nearby. This was a habit in all games in my opinion. Dont leave the sniper mode on and stay aware of your surroundings.


2) You show quite a bit of your side when you push a corner. In some games it did not matter, since you maybe wanted to just do some dmg. But you lose HP for nothing that way. Try to push corners in a better angle (or sidescrape), there must be some guides to that.


3) In  mines replay (north spawn) you pushed to peek a bit too soon. Enemy heavies did not necessary have time to reach that position at that point. So you took a hit for that. Bit more waiting.


4) In Highway when you pushed e25, you really did not have any real support and enemy had strong tanks in the back. Most of the time they have friends. Try to check if somebody (not arty only) can help you and keep in mind what enemy tanks might be lurking behind either forgotten or unspotted.


5) You take some shots that are unlikely to pen. Make every shot count if possible.


(I cannot follow these most of the time but as they say, don´t do as I do but as I say or something like that :) ;)


GL and have fun.


Pushing too hard too soon is a mistake I often do, I'm actually trying to not do it anymore. For zooming and shots, I'll try to dezoom once I have shot, but decreasing my number of shots is highly unlikely to happen as I don't really think before shooting (autism intensifies)

View PostPansenmann, on 04 April 2019 - 09:28 PM, said:

I don't have any advice yet.


Instead I would like to ask:

What tank(s) do you want to play?

Which ones were your best moments so far?


PS: you have a flerking amount of premium tanks for that battle count. :ohmy:


O-I at tier 6 and T29 at tier7 were my "best" moments

But I'm looking to play KV-85 and T-150 consistently

(blushes about premiums): I'm a wealthy pigeon I guess :D

View Postxx984, on 04 April 2019 - 10:17 PM, said:

Send me a PM in game, When i have time ill happily platoon and try to help you out, Im a fairly experienced player so i should be able to show you a thing or two! 


Thanks a lot! I live in Burkina Faso so I have a lot of bad ping (250 on average, 200 is the lowest I can reach) and a lot of connection shortages but I'll be happy to play with you whenever I can!

View Postkubawt112, on 04 April 2019 - 11:37 PM, said:


Don't grind more things. It's common advice to learn the game around T6. It makes sense to some extent, but less so if you generally know where to go and what to do. The learning potential is limited, and routines are different. I play mostly T8-10, and the few times I venture down the tiers it's really telling how out of touch I am. I bet the opposite will happen, too. '

(If you wonder, I have a bit more experience than this account does - it's just funny to post without the backing of a 30k-odd account with decent stats.)


I'd try to focus on the T29 and the 252U Defender, if you enjoy playing heavy tanks. Both are strong tanks that should be fairly simple to play. If you get wrecked playing them, it's probably not because the tank's bad. Don't sell your T110E5 even if you borrow the crew.

(E.g. the T29 should always go hulldown, hide the hull or bait shots into the wide tracks. Defender is a quite 'forgiving' tank - just don't expect every other to work as well. Maybe it's the wrong approach, but you may learn a bit more if you stay alive longer.)


Noted! I learnt hulldown with my T29 which makes it a lot easier when I play the 53TP :)


I immensely thank everyone who took his/her time to advice me! I will personally try to apply everything that has been said, and see what works the best!

JocMeister #23 Posted 05 April 2019 - 03:55 PM


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Overall I don´t think you are as bad as you think. You have a decent awareness about your intimidate surroundings which is a good start. You do lack that feel of the "larger picture". But that can only come through experience and playing the game. You have "only" 9k battles. Its actually not that much in WoT terms. Keep at it and you will improve. 


A good advice I always give is trying to 1/2/3-mark something. A good start is the T-34-85. Requirements are pretty low and its probably one of the easiest tanks to mark besides being a really good tank. Trying to mark something is a good way to train yourself to try and squeeze EVERYTHING out of even the most hopeless situation. It will absolutely guaranteed make you a better player. Its also a ton of fun. :)

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