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Drivel about tanks: BDR G1B

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Dark_Cloud #1 Posted 04 April 2019 - 07:45 PM


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I recently played through this tank so this is some observations I made during the period, finishing with one mark on the gun and low 50's winrate, make of that what you will.

Intended as humorous(?) guidance, and just generally talk on the tank.


So, the BDR. This was all in all a more interesting tank that I thought it would have been, a pleasant surprise. Not so much initially as the 75mm guns are nothing short of dreadful - to you, not the foe - and grinding them was a pain because I had dumped my free XP on the STA-1s initial gun to avoid this on that tank. However it's only tier V, I'm sure you will manage.


When you start playing you notice a couple of things. You've played your KV's when you start playing because you got pissed at it when it broke your toys and shat all over your panzers when you were starting and were building a Tiger/Maus/something (yes, you were) and noticed in your KV this BDR thing punches back even harder and it's armor is tough.

The latter illusion is broken immediatly as you're not a frontline brawler as you thought you would be, and get a few cheap garage tickets trying it, and your woeful gun is barely enough to hurt those KVs, it's like you're in the panzer again.


This leads to the tactics of the tank, before you can unlock your big boy pants in the form of a new gun and turret, you are disgustingly slow and your gun does no damage when it does. So the right thing to do is to go on a stroll, just aimlessly walking towards the enemies somewhere, and exploring the nooks crannies and dandelions in the map you never knew. To the enemy, you're out of sight and out of mind, and you can get some shots in. In some tanks you deliberately support your team, with the stock BDR, you bumble into it accidentally. At least this worked for me, I could hardly believe it myself but something something life and lemons. When combat eventually knocks on the door, however, you make this fat lady dance and occasionally the armor does actually work, and might even outsmart a few tanks with half the expected reload.


Eventually after bashing your head into the wall as described above for long enough to get the upgrades, hopefully you've realised some things.

1. Run at least octane 100 gasoline for the love of all that's holy, it ups your hp/t to 12,5-9 and that feels like a Ferrari compared to all stock.

2. The way you need to angle the tank, tanks.gg is a great help here, and it's easy to master the defense.

3. Wow this 90mm gun hurts when it hits, combine this with your newfound dancing skills you are the frontline warrior you hoped for.


The tactics change, as stated, after acquiring the gun, and now you can give and take hits for real. There are some elephants in the room though.

Your gun depression is almost enough. Almost, so don't get into situations where it's absolutely crucial.

Or rather, do. Let me explain. You see that huge wedding cake on your turret? Yes, it's good. You can pop just this tiny thing over ridges, low tier noobs take any shot they can at it and your gun depression does not matter when the enemy shell is only on its way to the gun. You can also show a bit of it when angling in city conditions, and even higher tier noobs fall for it this time, and you even forget in the midst of it all that your gun has spot on 135mm or penetration because it feels like more than that and that O-I Experimental behind that corner has spot on 135mm of frontal armor. He's covered behind a wreck, you have the turret shot, it's this or garage





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