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Empire's border - retardness at its best.

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O_verdose #1 Posted 05 April 2019 - 03:24 PM


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This map needs to go and whoever is responsible for it shot. It is not unbalanced but absolutely broken.


If you play in a slow heavy you normally go K1. If the team loses the other flank you can't do shyte about it. Especially if the flank is overrun which happens a lot because the slightest unbalance between the number of tanks, especially slow and fast (due to the excessive and retarded number of hills that need to be climed) causes that. And when that happens in german and japanese heavies what can you do? Turn around to defend base? go forward and die because fast soviets and good depression british, american and swedish tanks wait for you to farm damage?


On the other hand, if you play a medium and decide to go A0 better pray they have fewer tanks or at least the same number. If you are the only fast tank and they have more, you'll be the only one meeting the enemy before the other players can support you. If you wait for them the enemy will take the high ground.


And viceversa.


Basically this is by far the most mm dependent map. It is crazy retarded, and you have to play for yourself not the team as most of the time you'll find yourself alone unable to support whoever is left alive.


And WHAT THE FLOWERS is going on with the actual fighting surface. Can you make maps smaller pls? Put more inaccesible areas and make more corridors! In percentage how much of the map is actually not playable? 40-50%?


WG, the joke company.... 

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