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maus tier 10 no suitable

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hekuri #1 Posted 07 April 2019 - 08:08 AM


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Dear Developer,

March was the month of Maus - I had already it in garage - and I played with it almost everyday. 

In my poor opinion, Maus does not fit any longer the parameters to be a suitable Tier10. 

Considering its current characteristics - 1 vs. 1 - any kind of tank Tier10  kills it (arty excluded). Even against lower tiers such as Tier9 -but even some Tier8 - Maus has no chance to win.  

The current HP and the protection armour, does not justify any longer its sleepy movements. 

Based on my opinion Muas, should be reworked or deleted completely from the tree. 


To players, playing Maus is not interesting any more. Based on observation only - during March- there were very few players, playing Muas.

This month, is month of AMX  and - based only on observation - there are more player, playing with AMX, than players playing Maus compared with March.


I supposed that when it will be the month of IS7  - or any other nation month - game will be flowed with them.


I hope my opinion will be not in vain, but it will help to improve the game, our game.


Thank you and best regards.

Laatikkomafia #2 Posted 07 April 2019 - 08:56 AM

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I honestly think Maus isn't that bad of a tank. It just happens to be highly situational.


Edit: Also I can't blame Maus drivers not playing the tank due to constantly facing three clickers.

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