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Help needed: how to T-37?

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_217_ #1 Posted 07 April 2019 - 01:17 PM

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I am on my way to the Walker Bulldog, currently playing the T-37. I have a 48%-ish winrate in it and it has one MoE. But for some reason i don't manage to get more than one decent game per week in it. Main problem is i get killed way more early then in my other lights.


Crew is working on 3rd skill, having BIA, Camo, 6th sense and situational awareness. I run the tank with optics, vents and rammer. 

I really do like the tank. Even a tomato like me can feel that it is a good tank, very mobile and with a nice gun. I very much like the in game model, which also seems to matter to me (yes i know, i really need help...). So it is definitely not the tank... 


Now, what could i be doing wrong? I think for me the best comparison is with the tier 6 AMX 12 T. That is not a very good active scout so i play that a little bit more balanced between active and passive scouting. For me as a tomato i am doing quite oke in that one. I have the same playstyle in the AMX 13-75 and the T-92. I use the T-37 more as a really active scout and flanker. Could it be that i am playing the T-37 to agressive? 


Funny sidenote which actually might help: maybe i like the mobility a little to much. Sometimes i am more busy enjoying the ride than paying attention to the (mini) map. E.g.: in my first battle in the A-20 I drove all around Studzianski just enjoying the speed :-) Did surprise red arty though. 


All help is welcome!



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