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Influence and Administration Points

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Firefly__xD #1 Posted 07 April 2019 - 04:28 PM


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Useless unnecessary complication & a way to encourage clans NOT to fight.


That's how I would basically describe influence and Administration Points. 


The only limitations we need are:

- Tank locks

- Perhaps a division limit (i.e. 10)


For the rest:

- Remove influence

- Remove Administration Points

- Remove division modules. These things need to be integrated in divisions by default. 

- I'd even argue for removing the income limit. After all, if you have a division limit of 10, then you'll have 5 open provinces if you take 15 provinces. That's enough of a threat by itsself. 


Yes, this means divisions should be free. 


Afraid of an alliance's capabilities? Redesign its features or make them smaller. 


Stop adding complicated bs that's only stopping clans from fighting and creates unnecessary global map work. Keep the global map simple and focus on battling for provinces. 



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Dikaseush #2 Posted 07 April 2019 - 04:31 PM


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+1 as a officer i find it hard to even work with those things.

Silas001 #3 Posted 08 April 2019 - 10:30 PM


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To be quite honest I have a general idea but haven't summoned enough [edited]yet to look up the rules again and figure out how/why they work out in detail. It is just an unnecessary "feature" that I dont care about.


I also think a hard cap on divisions is the way to go(7-10) and in turn remove the income limit.


Probably going off-topic here but since you mentioned it, regarding the alliance system I would also break the abilities down to the essentials - then the features the alliance-system introduced could be quite nice and the problem with alliances being everywhere on the map at once would also solve itself:

- Make taxes optional. Every alliances we have been in so far has just set it to the minimal 20 % which still nobody wants.

- Limit the ability to transfer battles to battles fought on the map (so no landing tournaments / only when defending landings)

- Limit the ability to transfer battles and provinces to provinces adjacent to your own provinces which are connected to your HQ. That is the way it used to be anyway. If you have to go further then maybe extend that to 2 or 3 provinces deep into allied territory - Either way end magical jumping across the entire map


Furthermore once that is fixed I would actually like to see one feature introduced (which is purely cosmetic and should have no effect on the global map):

- Make alliance-relations between clans easily visible to everyone - preferably the entire alliance-structure/tree the given clan is part of

-> Maybe even introduce a whole tab on the global map to list all alliances - like in a ranking, so I dont have to click through all clans to see their allies.


Edit: Using my limited painting skillz this is how that might look like:



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DuncaN_101 #4 Posted 15 April 2019 - 12:59 PM

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Ow I miss the old chip method.
From what I'm reading here they are making it overcomplicated for no reason

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