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Hellcat pools medal and flying building end on highway.

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Shad0wize #1 Posted 07 April 2019 - 04:41 PM


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So yeah. Finally got that pools medal whilst rushing doing the American stages, the second time in almost 11,000 games I got 10 kills.


The end of the video is also showcasing how world of tanks has evolved over the past couple of years. First we had tanks that would float in the air if tracked at the right moment, now with the next-gen physics engine we have flying buildings on highway.




Last but not least I want to thank the moderator iTamTum or iTamTumisfakingayhomofag I don't quite remember what his name was so I used the search option found in-game for the very interesting conversation we had together in which he wanted to chat ban me for talking to my African friend whom lives in the COUNTRY named Niger. He made me realize that being overly protective against things you don't comprehend will show you off as a complete racist and gave me a thrill when he told me I'm disobeying the rules (which he was unable to name when asked).


Just so you guys know I'm not actually attempting to insult the mod (I simply cannot remember his exact name, I presume it's the latter) here's a screenshot of my search box with a complaint that some reporting features are not enabled and for no reason what so ever should your reports be limited per day. For only today I have been shot and seen more blue people than when the smurfs first aired.


Oh, also posted floating building pictures. :)



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