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Pixelation & saturation issues.

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Geforge #1 Posted 11 April 2019 - 02:02 PM


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This issue presents it self only on WOT, in NO other game or any other situation needing my computer grapics.


I have Asus GL 702VI - BA018T. It has 16 RAM. Win 10, x64.Intel® Core™ i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2808 Mhz, 4 cores, 8 logic processors.

The graphics are NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, Screen accuracy1920 × 1080 × 120 hertz.  Version:

Yes it has SSD: SAMSUNG MZVLW512HMJP-00000


(I use Nvidia Experience functions too, and have the experimental turned on for certain video capturing and streaming purposes - given that I did a hand full of that stuff.)


I have tried all possible settings in WOT. I have Nvidia set to be what the computer uses for WOT. The computer is not even full year old and I did not have this issue before, when I first played wot with it - nothing that I have done has changed anything about my previous settings. I can not tell exactly when this issue started, cause I did not play for a while having other things to do.


So what it exactly does: 0. Issue present in the startup-video as the game loads and in the battles ONLY, not in garage. 1. A ton of black pixelation dots all over the screen, you know those tiny ones, making it kinda broken the visual view of what ever is on the screen. 2. Vertical, darker stripes of pixelation arriving from top screen down, like in the old day when the TV was not exactly set to the channel. 3. Especially in battle, the clouds have really dark edges, and the whites are really flashy. The affect is really like that of the image being saturated even. 4. Even the game logo, when reloading to garage seems some what saturated. 5.Quality of image changes as I move my camera, less if I dont' - but as is - game is not playable at this state - cause I don't see the crapenough. But there is an exception. 6. I can NOT record any proof about the situation. Replay sent to WG shows nothing. Take a screen shot and it is absolutely clean of any issue. Turn on the video recording function of the Nvidia Experience to record in real time - no trace of the problem in video - AND actually, the whole issue vanishes totally in-game too.


Wait a moment - a solution? Just record all games! Except that I do not want to record them all, especially not while I am playing, cause it feels like someone is sitting behind your shoulder watching you play - ewww. In other words - it is ridiculous, but true - the issue vanishes while recording notably even from the game, the actual battle view. So if I don't record, my graphics are so messed up that the game can not be played and if I record, my computer collect endless video that I have to constantly remove. Really not ideal.


So what the dammed is wrong? I am no expert to even know how to find drivers for mouse from this, so if someone has a solution, pls explain step by step, exactly where, how and what to do.


Do not tell me to contact support. I have already been there and done that. All tests were done, they claim there is nothing wrong. Well maybe then the way the game it self is now is what is wrong. They started to tell me to take the computer to some expert.. well I can't do that.


I live in a country, where I don't speak the language. So I can't even call a taxi. I could not explain to anyone what is going on. My husband is the one with the car, but he needs it for work - so I really can not get anywhere. (Besides the computer was bought from another country, it is in my own language and I need it to be, cause, as said I don't speak French and am costumed to using Finnish QWERTY with certain added letters instead of the French AZERTY. You see, in this country, they really really are not at ease to even try to do something when it's not in French - sighs. And while a computer can be changed to different languages - I can't even find people to speak English with, as I do not speak French. So these limitations really do mean, that I can not take my gaming laptop anywhere at the moment - not in this country anyways. So I would indeed appreciate help from the community.)


The only thing WG managed to do was to tell me that maybe my computer is overheating or I have power issues. NO - it does not even get warm when playing WOT and no - if I had power issues - it would bother the computer in other ways too. I mean, with power issues I would be going mad about graphics especially about all the rest too - so I figure. (I know I would need more than 16 RAM for rendering and such when making video and 3D stuff - but my husband with a really old computer - has absolutely no issues about WOT. And I, if I set the game settings to absolutely minimal, will still have the issue.)


If I allow my graphics card to optimize the game settings for me - everything goes to ultra. No issue when recording then too, but issue remains if not recording with nvidia. I have my own specific settings though. But I have really tested all possible options, just like I explained to start with. And nothing changes it, expect the unwanted recording of every battle.


So any reasonable answers or solutions floating out there? 

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