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Request/Suggestion - WotReplays as a private instance / server


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OllieCromwell #1 Posted 16 April 2019 - 08:03 AM

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The other day I was pondering on the idea of having my own private instance of 'wotreplays' running on my own network ... and that it would be really awesome to put my replays straight into that server/instance, directly from the client,  instead of writing them all out to a replay file on my harddisk.


It would have (some) benefits :

1. Save (lots of) diskspace on my C: drive (got a little over 25k replays sitting there now).

2. Make my own replays searchable for reference/looking back

3. Possibly  have multiple people writing into that database. (family members / friends / clan ?)

4. Have an API that one could develop one's own web/software package against and testing would not stress the general WOT network/resources.

5. Some benefits I can't think of yet ...


I realize that this would not be a solution for everybody and might require some knowledge on how to set things up and running ones own private network/servers. But nevertheless ... 




I realize wotreplays is build "by players for players" and not directly by WG, was using as an example of what 'general' functionality would be nice ... perhaps WG and the guys behind wotreplays could work together on something like this project ?

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