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arty farty artillery mm bad matchmaking fix matchmaking change maps rigged mm tier X tier 10

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Maick3l #1 Posted 17 April 2019 - 09:39 PM


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The last few months were terrible for playing tier 10, but most terrible for one specific tank - artillery. Aside from the nerfed / not-nerfed gibberish, the mm seems to be about 90% consisting of small maps (Mines, Ensk, Tundra) and predominantly city maps (Himmelsdorf, Ruinberg). Not only does WG not restrict high tier tanks from small maps, but their mm seems to favor those maps. The mm as usual consists of mostly unbalanced teams e.g. one gets annihilated while the other barely has a few dead tanks. One consists of A1 campers while the other spreads out evenly and occupies most of the map. The battle seems to last no longer than 5 minutes on average regardless of the high investment that comes along with playing high tiers.

High tier artilleries are now about 50% of what they used to be, maybe less. Battle results often show artilleries doing the worst damage compared to all other types of tanks, maybe more than lights who act as spotters and not damagers. Artys who don't die in the first 3 minutes are considered "lucky" and sometimes their own team tries to get them dead for personal reasons and issues - beef with high skilled artillery players who nuked their tanks in the past.

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