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Offloading part of large wot files from SSD to HDD - success

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Troubledove #1 Posted 18 April 2019 - 04:02 PM


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Hello everyone.


I just got WoT working with install directory shaved 14 gigabytes smaller than normally (total of being 44 gigabytes). As owner of relatively small SSD drive this amount is actually decent.


Method is quite simple: I copied SOME of the /[WOT install directory]/res/packages/ to slower platter disk and them symlinked them back to install directory. WoT works flawless and loads game pretty much in same amount of time that it does residing 100% in SSD drive.


The files I copied were :

All map files (01_karelia.pkg -> 222_er_clime_hd.pkg)

All Shared Content part2 files.


Reason to choose these files was that in theory WoT loads obviously only ONE map file per match - which is bearable on HDD drive due pure serial access to single file - and some of the shared content files; these files will not race condition with each other too much - making HDD drive cope with loading times.


Tank files were kept on SSD because they are selectively accessed during the match load (models used etc. varie from match to match, upto three tiers being loaded.). Misc files were kept on SSD because its unknown how often/how they are accessed.


How installer/updater behaves with this change is currently unknown, but theoretically it should work as symlinks are transparent.


Caveats:You kind of lock your HDD to be part of your SSD installation disk in context of WoT. Just don't change the drive letter and you are good (obviously on HDD you won't do that often anyway).


If you are interested in repeating these steps I can write detailed instructions later and link some quality of life tools. (the process can be done 100% manually from command line, but is bit tedious).

15:09 Added after 6 minutes

Also, this was just proof of concept test with positive results. The method could be refined to save additional space. but I don't currently have time for analysis how WoT accesses the resource files (to seek what actually can be symlinked to slower HDD).


If anyone has understanding and capability to run file access scanner on WoT to pinpoint which files are accessed at what point of entering the game / match start / match end / whatever to make list of resource files that are NOT accessed parallel - all those files can be moved to slower disk.


OH, and I also symlinked replay, update and update data directories to HDD to avoid cluttering my SSD.(each of these are not really important as far as access time/delay goes)

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