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How to create custom garage?

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Szpadell #1 Posted 21 April 2019 - 09:57 AM


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I've been trying to find hangar mod that changes V3 hangar to old, old V1 hangar, but failed miserably. I've decided to make hangar mod myself. Unfortunately, since WoT uses another engine it's not as simple as just copy-pasting some files, thus I'm asking You guys - how do I crate a garage mod? Maybe it is possible to use some current hangar .pkg file and swap it's guts, but I need knowledge of which files I need to swap, which to leave, and which to delete. I've never modded WoT before, but I guess I might give it a try, considering no scripts are needed (I think, it's just textures and models after all). I'd appreciate any help.

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