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World of tanks new Global map Season system sucks and here is why

Global Map Season 11 World of Tanks Clans Allies

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BetoB #1 Posted 27 April 2019 - 10:34 AM


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World of Tanks Global map Season started on April 4th. It had great ideas, "training provinces" that doesn't generate any gold. And improved Alliance systems. The only problem it had generated is that WG didn't taught about the idea that Clans can use this Alliance system for their own benefits. I will provide all the information bellow in points with good examples to see why WG actually ruined a fun experience and created a mess where clan players don't even want to play.


1. - A good portion of the global map provinces have been turned into "practice provinces". There is a few problems with this. Not enough gold provinces for a huge number of clans. On the other hand there is no benefit in playing at all on these provinces. It doesn't provide any reward for having battles on it. No real practice opportunities since there are no somewhat skilled clans playing on them, or most of the time they are just simply empty. 


2. Thanks to the practice provinces, most of the gold providing provinces have been cramped into the middle section of the map.


3. Based on the second point, all of the global map clans are in huge alliance, since there are no real reasons for them to fight. Screenshot in the attachments. The clans are not fighting at all, only the invaders from lower clans. WG disabled the option to ransack the provinces. Because of this the clans don't actually have to defend the provinces or think strategically on how to defend the provinces. Because if they lose 1 province to a random invader clan, they can just recapture the province on the next day with the help of alliance battle transfer options.


4. Why is there no option for clans to have a 0% tax option. It makes weaker clans actually don't want to play with each other since one of them will get lesser gold income. The second thing is gold taxation doesn't even work properly because you have to send the taxes in convoys, which can be attacked by anybody. It should be narrowed down to neighbour clans or based on elo. 


5. 10k gold STAR provinces doesn't generate the effect that wargaming have hoped for, that all the top clans will be fighting for the provinces. Check screenshot "10k.jpg". In reality what actually happened that all the clans came to a conclusion that it doesn't make sence for them to fight, when there is enough for everybody. For this reason, all other clans join their alliance and use "their major power" as an option for battle transfers. For this reason I suggest that the clans who own a 10k gold province should not have the option to accept battle transfer requests or to have allies.


6. Clans are not fighting each other at all. For this reason I suggest that provinces should degrade over time for a clan. This would force the clans to relocate all the time.


7. I would limit the number of total generating provinces from 10 to 4. The reason for this is it would allow average or weaker clans to actually want to fight on the global map.

8. I would bring back Tier 6 front for global map seasons. Why is it forced only onto tier 8 and tier 10?.

9. WG should take the examples from the TIER VIII front. On that front clans are actually fighting each other on a daily basis because there is more opportunities for clans to play as allies. Or to work together to get rid of a threat. 

10. Tier X front is actually terrible, that promotes passive gameplay (most of the clans are playing with 15-30 player compared to tank reward clan wars where it is peeking for 60-100 player for each clan). No battles are being fought since there are no reasons for the clans to fight each other.


In my opinion, WG should remove the alliance system all together or limit to 1-2 clans. The allies should be based on elo. Top clans should not have an option to be allies with other top clans in the region. 

WG needs somehow to make top clans want to fight each other. Like in the old days where there were clan rivalries like OMNI vs FAME, FAME VS CSA, GO-IN vs FAME, GO-IN vs THROW. And so on. 


Until this system exists there won't be any real competitive battles/campaigns for world of tanks, only the abuse of the system to "farm gold" without doing anything.

I hope WG will read this post, or it might have been a waste of time. But there is still a slight chance that WG would get up from their seats at WG HQ and actually take a look at their game and what are the flaws in the system. I am still waiting for the day when a new global map season starts and 50-60 players from clans actually gathering every day to play with each other and have epic battles with great rewards. 


This system only rewards the like the top 20 clans.



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Joc666 #2 Posted 28 April 2019 - 10:30 AM


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I agree, no point to play the global map except for top 20 clans as you said. Others get more benefit from simply playing advances and gaining the resources for more boosters. The only reason for the other clans to play this is "practice" and maybe the 20k gold that they will distribute to like 50-60 players who participated. Which means maybe those who played every day are getting 1000 gold, which is nothing really for 2 months of playing every night. 

One point I would like to add - I know minor powers lose the administration point for 24 hours when relegating the battle, but shouldnt the penalty be increased? To idk, 72 hours? So that a clan cantsimply have provinces because their major power is winning everything for them - i think it would make the battle more interesting and let people think before they relegate the attacks to their major

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