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3 Marking the LTs / Tier 8

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Snaques #1 Posted 27 April 2019 - 08:17 PM

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As some have noticed, I took upon the challenge of marking all LTs and already made separate posts for the tier 5, 6 and 7 LTs, go check 'em out if you're interested:





I took a bit of a break since the tier 7 post, because the introduction of wheeled vehicles really messed up the LT meta and I'm still not happy with how things are. It is a lot harder to get to passive spotting bushes as the wheeled tanks will yolo in and spot you. Traditional LT will also lose a 1 vs 1 brawl to a wheeled vehicle every time.


That being said, I do love the tier 8 LTs and had to come back to three mark them.



Below is a summary of my thoughts on each tank:


HWK 12

The "Hawk" was probably the least enjoyable of the tier 8 LTs and that was really exaggerated by the introduction of wheeled vehicles. It has great alpha dmg, gun dep, decent DPM and mobility as well as amazing view range (410m). However, the huge drawback is the atrocious shell velocity of 630m/s. It makes long range shooting and hunting those wheeled vehicles a true PITA. It's also made of paper mache so the HE of wheeled vehicles will go through every time. HWK can still be a very good spotter on open maps due to the view range.

Grade: 7/10



The LTTB is all about speed and armor, which also makes it a decent rammer. It did get a gun dep buff some time a go, but 5 deg is still not great. With LTTB you can be somewhat aggressive as you have the mobility and gun handling to hit and run and the armor will bounce a shot or two while doing so. View range is not the best, but will be enough for the active spotting. DPM is good for the alpha, compared to other LTs in the comp.

Grade: 8/10


M41 Bulldog

Bulldog used to be a total monster before patch 9.18 with it's 10 shot autoloader. Today it is somewhat mediocre all arounder with decent gun handling and view range, but poor alpha and huge size which leads to bad camo. You can do some passive spotting and it is still probably the best ridge line LT with the combination of gun dep and gun handling. The alpha is just so low that you have work a lot  to do any real damage. The Bulldog just doesn't have a clear strength that you could take advantage of, kind of like the T71 CMCD and T37 before.

Grade: 7/10



Now the WZ is probably my favorite LT in the whole game. It has the perfect combination of pen, alpha, DPM and gun handling. It also has a rounded turret, which can bounce some shots even if the armor thickness isn't that much. I really love to play the WZ aggressively peeking on the distracted enemies or looking for hull down positions where I don't have to expose a lot of the turret. Another nice thing is very nice agility which allows you to get out of situations when things look bad. It has clear strengths, but no real weaknesses. What's not to like.

Grade: 10/10


BC 12t

The BC is the only autoloader of the bunch with a nice 680 clip potential and good 2 sec intra-clip reload. It also has the best camo rating allowing you to do some scouting while you are on reload. This is somewhat important as the reload will keep you out of the battle for a big portion of time. Key to being successful in BC is to stay alive and clean up isolated enemies at the end of the battle.

Grade: 9/10



Like I said in the beginning, I love the tier 8 LTs. They all have enough view range to be able to drop binos as long as you have decent crews. You can also still meet +2 enemies, which makes for nice high xp games that just are not possible with higher tier LTs.


NOTE. This review is based on patch 1.4.1. Premium LTs shall be a separate post one day, hopefully. I have excluded wheeled vehicles as I have no intention to ruin the game any further and don't consider them real LTs.


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