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Lioshenka #1 Posted 27 April 2019 - 11:58 PM


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Noob question!


I noticed that I've recently been receiving rewards for some of the games, however I am completely unaware of what effect they have. A lot of them are things like fire extinguishers or those quick repair boxes I think, and I think some of them were free camouflage. The only reason I know was because I managed to apply free camouflages for some of my tanks, however I am at a loss at how do I claim the fire extinguishers and stuff?


I remember in the past the past there used to be boxes at the bottom of the screen where you could add things (next to the amount of shells left). However, now I only can see shells. I was expecting them to appear there, but I can't see them - and by now I should have at least a dozen for some of my vehicles!


Also, how do I use them? I never purchased any of the extra stuff like the quick repair kits, so if there is a magic button I need to press to make them appear I wouldn't know.



Homer_J #2 Posted 28 April 2019 - 12:09 AM

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The "rewards for merit" contain various things.  Blueprints which give you a discount on researching tanks, credits, consumables (which you have to equip in the garage like any consumable), and directives which you equip using the extra box to the right of ammo and consumables (again in the garage).

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Dorander #3 Posted 28 April 2019 - 12:13 AM

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Press the Service button under your tank display in the garage, that will let you change shells, slot consumables like repair kits and fire extinguishers... when you've done that, those "boxes" you are thinking off will be displayed, showing you what you've slotted.

Balc0ra #4 Posted 28 April 2019 - 01:38 AM

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The camo and such are directives. They boost your crew skills you already have at 100% for all members, like 10% more camo. Or makes them 100% for all crew for one game if you lack it. Like camo, 6th sense or firefighter etc. If you look at your supply line under the tank in the garage, where the ammo and repair kits etc are listed. You will see an empty box to the far right of them. Kinda looks like it has lightning in it. Click that and you get two sets of options. One for equipment, one for crew skills. The camo is under crew skills. The numbers on the far right on the list shows how many you have in stock. Select one to use it for one battle. 

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