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Stop premium tank spam

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Dis4ster #1 Posted 01 May 2019 - 06:08 PM


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How about Skins/Camos that turn regular tanks into premium tanks instead of copy&pasting more and more premium tanks.

You could also give every tank a line of missions which on completion gives the tank a special skin/camo that reduces repair cost and increases exp/crew exp and earned credits, maybe you could earn parts of the skin that have different features and when you get them all on one tank its turn into a full fledged premium tank.

Or just tie it to the 3rd mark, if someone 3 marks a tank it turns into a veteran tank that gets the extras of a premium tank of its tier or at least can use crews from other tanks without retraining.

Tanks could also have different camo variants that have different bonuses, so you could sell all kinds of skins that get stronger and stronger because you like powercreep so much and this for over 500 tanks which are already modeled, so with less work more money.

XxKuzkina_MatxX #2 Posted 01 May 2019 - 06:20 PM


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All sensible and good suggestions, it's after all just a credits and XP multiplier that can be applied to any tank.


But we got about 57 tier 8 premiums (excluding rewards and different skins), ToT XP boosters, blank crews (soon™;) and next step we will have offers in the premium shop to play the game for you by super unicum staff while you comfortably watch the battle sipping your chocolate milkshake! :)

wEight_Tanker #3 Posted 01 May 2019 - 07:16 PM

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There are many cool ideas people should share with constructiveness in order to gain kudos for it.

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