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Why do I suck at Wz 111-1-4 ?

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chinchillah #1 Posted 07 May 2019 - 12:37 PM


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Hola fellas,


I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on how to play that 111-1-4 filth the correct way. 


For some reason the Russian t10 is performing way better for me .I thought it's the same play style as the wz 111-1-4 but unfortunately it's quiet different, at least for me. 


undutchable80 #2 Posted 08 May 2019 - 07:05 AM


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I have this tank unlocked but not yet bought (waiting for discounts and have plenty of other grinds to do first), but may I suggest you post a couple of replays so better players than me can take a look at your gameplay and maybe offer some advice (be prepared to accept criticism too though!). Simply based on your words, most will not be able to offer more adivce than just read what the WOT wiki has to say about it: 


Pros and Cons


- Strong, bouncy turret armor

- Well-sloped hull armor can be very bouncy but not reliable, especially against regular tier 9 guns

- Top gun is a copy of the IS-7's, but is overall better due to nice premium round with 340 pen, allowing this tank to engage superheavies easier

- Tied for 3rd best alpha out of all tier 9 heavies, only beaten by Type 4's naval guns and the 50TP, with a very competitive DPM as well

- Decent accuracy, aim time, and penetration

- Very high top speed and mobility for a heavy, rivals many mediums

- Spaced, sloped side armor has high probability of fending off auto-aimed shots


- Poor gun depression

- Large, weak lower glacis plate

- Top turret has weaker armor on paper than stock turret, with 2 cupolas

- Slow acceleration and traverse due to comparatively weak engine

- Frequent module and crew damage due to tight interior space, a common trait of Chinese/Soviet vehicles



This tank plays very much like an T-10, but it trades more alpha damage in exchange for slightly worse accuracy, penetration, and rate of fire, with similar aim time.

When playing the WZ-111 model 1-4, you should be very careful of being near ridges, as the gun depression is quite horrible. Combined with the long length of the vehicle, you will be at a significant disadvantage in hilly terrain or on downwards slopes. You should try to look for ways to make your tank travel on as flat ground as possible, as to ensure you won't be fired at by enemy tanks while being unable to return fire. With only 5 degrees of gun depression, you might be limited by some maps. However, thanks to the moderate accuracy and decent penetration, sniping should not be too difficult with this tank.

Another thing to be careful of is making sure the enemy does not fire into your lower frontal plate, which will not withstand hits from same-tier tanks. The turret front and upper frontal plate are both well armored and will bounce shots with moderate frequency. Another thing to note about its armor is that it has spaced, sloped side armor. Though not as bouncy, thick, or big as that of the IS-3's, it can still soak up a shell with some luck.

Care should be taken as to always make sure your pike nose is pointing at the enemy, as angling will expose your weak sides, as well as making one side of the pike much weaker than when pointing forwards. Angling will, however, make one corner of the pike much stronger, though this should not be done unless you have some form of cover to make sure your weaker pike won't be damaged easily.

Last to mention is this tank's mobility, which is really excellent. With a top speed of 50 km/h, you can quickly gain A LOT of speed and get into position very fast, especially when going down a slope. While the top speed is outstanding for this tank, the acceleration and track traverse speed leave something to be desired, and the 1-4 requires a fair bit of time to reach its top speed, and will lose a lot of it when climbing hills.

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