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I need some ******* help to play AMX 30 B


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Cpt_Vuulnyth #1 Posted 10 May 2019 - 02:07 PM


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Everything is in the title.I play this game since 2013.I'm not playing it very actively.I'd say that i do like 15 battles a week.

I'm a pretty mediocre player,i only have 49,idk % wr and just a little above average wn8(1000 wn8 i'd say,idk)


To put things in perspective for me:

-a bad battle would be to just die or do only 300 dmg in tier 9/10

-an average battle is 900 damage in tier 9/10

-a good battle would be 2000 dmg.


i do the above with most tank i play exept one:The amx 30 B

Like everytime it is the same thing.


I begin like:"ok,let work a ridgeline.Oh i can't,i have a huge weekspot at the top of the tank.Well,let's brawl then.Oh no they have object 430U or obj 907 and my tank has no armor.Well,let's snipe then,oh no i can't,i have horrible gun handling and 0.35 gun dispersion."


Every battle i do with this tank is

1.i do not know what to do so i'm useless sniping at the back missing 7 shots out of 10

2.I go aggressive and get completly rekt because i'm unable to sidescrape,hull down or anything.

3.I have the chance to be on the flank of a heavy tank not looking my way letting me farm and i can finally use a strong point of the tank :the DPM.

Not to mention that going aggressive with this tank means getting shot at by arty,and if arty hit you on the roof of the tank,it's nearly auto pen -900 hp or more.


Bear in mind that it's not a rant about this tank being useless.I genuinly want to undestand what to do with it.It's just that i find that every tank in the game have clear strong point and weaknesses.However i find this tank able to do everything badly but less badly than others.

This tank can snipe less badly than 430U.This tank can hull down less badly than leopard 1.And this tank can brawl less badly than STB-1.But this tank don't have anything making it capable to dominate certain situation.


I seriously need help understanding what this tank does.I mean,i know i'll never be able to do 3000 dmg on a daily basis given my commitment to learn the game.

I just want to not be completly useless everytime i get this tank on any map that is not so huge i can use the speed to out maneuver my opponent.

misterkint #2 Posted 11 May 2019 - 03:05 PM


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It seens you struggle with 30B and his prototype little brother. 

They are made to be played medium distance at peak strenght, but their versatility is what made theim great, however any mistake will be punish very hardly. 


If you have struggle with 30 prot, 30B is even harder. I have made 600 battles in 30 prot, i see you too, and really you got to master the style at tier IX or tier X will only be punishment and pain. 


If you are aggressive, youre doing it wrong, unless its a solo target with no help at all not looking at you

This tank is unconfortable in close quarter due to his huge cupola. 


You got to be opportunist, youre a support tank, and a brillant one. 

Ridges can be good, only if you do not attract attention from it. 

If enemy is looking at you, you dont go, thats the rule to survive in this tank 

If youre spotted and there is arty in enemy team, run to cover

If you know your position is known by enemy team and they wait for you to show your face, redeploy

To sum up, be a sneaky bastard, for the 5- 7 first minutes of the game 


You got to use speed of the tank, and to use this dpm


But im afraid this style got to be learn on lower tiers, cause frankly every game at tier X is gonna punish the tiniest mistake you made. 


Its a yank that really need a high understanding of how the game work, positions to be kept on the map, when to abandon such position in certain situations etc... 

Looking at your wn 8, you probably got a margin of evolution in this domain, and thats why i think amx 30 protoype should be your school tank for this style, and when you feel you have mastered this difficult style of a versatile tank, you go back to 30B 

XxKuzkina_MatxX #3 Posted 11 May 2019 - 03:39 PM


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Honestly not a fan of adapting to bad tanks. If it doesn't work with a little effort on my part i won't bother. As you said yourself, you won't be playing it much so what's the point of the torture for the brief time you will be playing? Personally i prefer a tank that help me not the other way around.


The AMX 30B is supposed to be buffed soon...




still don't see the point with that huge cupola on top!


The tier 9 is considered by many as a better tank than the tier 10 so you can re buy that. The 30B is lost around tanks like the patton or the 430U, you simply won't perform as well as those in a battle. DPM is nice to have but without accuracy your DPM will get cut by 30-40% depending on how well you aim and how your gun/RNG will behave.


Good luck!

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Cpt_Vuulnyth #4 Posted 12 May 2019 - 01:55 AM


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XxKuzkina_MatxX :I know that i could be playing many other tank that are better,but I grinded this tree when 30 and 30B were sniper tanks(very high shell velocity and good accuracy).I was liking the style of the tank

back then but they decided to change it.As i said,i don't really have time to grind tech trees all day,so if i grind a tree,even if it gets changed,i gotta make the tanks work somehow.



misterkint:Just sitting at the back for 5-7 minutes supporting other tanks seems a bit odd for a top tier medium.
I do that sometimes but i get flamed by other players.I guess I should give it a try.

Rokim #5 Posted 17 May 2019 - 07:25 AM

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Try streamers and youtubers strategy.Abuse gold ammo and food.

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