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What tree should I grind next?

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She_Took_The_Kids #1 Posted 11 May 2019 - 12:06 AM


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This is my first post on the forums, I'm aiming to get at least 500,000 free experience and waiting for the converter discount to appear again in the future. I recently unlocked my first Tier X tank - The Maus, and I'm having a lot of fun with it (Until I get penned by gold ammo at an angle of 400mm effective thickness...) But other than that, great legendary tank.


I'm wanting to grind for something a little different than the Maus. I'd still like to achieve a heavy or a tank destroyer, I've got my eyes on the FV4005 at the moment (which would only be 63,850 free experience left to research it.)


Would any of you wonderful tankers like to suggest me a different tree or tank to grind towards? Or should I simply go unlock the FV4005 next? The massive damage of one shot is really tempting...

kaneloon #2 Posted 11 May 2019 - 12:38 AM


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Lots of good tanks, depends of the country, the kind of tanks that would fit a role next to your Maus.

Why not try them on the test server when it is up ?


FV4005 was nerfed some days ago ... if you believe the posts it is no longer a good choice.

To stay british you could grind the tank of the month, the centurion AX ?


Other good choices : 277, IS7, T57, Patton, S conq, ...

wremise #3 Posted 11 May 2019 - 12:52 AM

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Taking a look at you stats, and its clear what kind of playstyle you prefer. The tanks who are used to the 3rd line. Its not a bad thing, but you are clearly overstained by any tank, what demands it, to be played aggresive.


The one thing you are to be aware of, then you choose the 4005 to be your new tree, is that the line dont excuse any mistankes.

-> You get spotted bc you doesnt use the cover well? you are dead!

-> you need to escape from your Position, but miss the opportunity by mere seconds? you are dead!

-> you get supprised by an enemy? you are dead, bc the of crapsoft stats.


... well the "best" line for you would be on other heavy line. Something with Armour and decent Firepower, and doesnt has it role as the vanguard? ... the only thing I can thing of are the german Dumbo (VK) or if you prefer some TD, the American ones.

Dorander #4 Posted 11 May 2019 - 03:56 AM


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Welcome to the forums. I actually think I saw you get teamkilled earlier this evening on Murovanka. I'm fairly sure it wasn't a good battle.


It's always difficult to recommend a tank line, there are no tanks in this game that are completely fool-proof, as you can tell by your Maus experience. Being hit with over 400 pen is a rare situation but not impossible, 340 base HEAT pen can roll up to 425 after all and the Maus is nothing more than a near-vertically armoured box.


That said Russian tanks are the best all-rounders, especially for fairly flat-ground brawling. They have little gun depression but reliable armour and good alpha. Their aimtime leaves something to be desired though. The FV4005 retains its high alpha (esp. on HESH shells) but got nerfed in its aimtime and "retreating" factors, so basically if you get spotted before/during/right after firing it, expect to receive punishment in turn.


If you want tips, maybe provide some more information about what works for you currently. Maus is a superheavy, so are you looking at well armoured tanks? Do you want something more mobile? Do you prefer a certain type of class? Does it have to be tier X (I personally vastly prefer tier IX)?  For example, the T95 is a heavily armoured (nearly impenetrable frontwise) tank destroyer at tier IX. You might like the German assault TD line that culminates in the Jageroo (JgPzE100), though it's armour is not as reliable as it used to be the Jageroo combines a big gun with decent armour for a great battlefield intimidating factor.


If you want more mobility and hulldown capability the Super Conqueror provides an impenetrable turret with some great DPM. If you like flatter tanks with hard turrets the Polish heavies do well, as do the Russians. The Swedish med-to-heavy line have some amazing ridge-fighters who combine autoloaders with really hard turrets but are fairly vulnerable otherwise.


Thing is we have so many lines these days, WoT offers a lot and while some tanks surely are meta, there are quite a lot of meta tanks, especially if you consider tanks beyond tier X. If you want tips, it really helps if you share what kind of gameplay appeals to you, and keep in mind, no tank is invulnerable.

fwhaatpiraat #5 Posted 11 May 2019 - 07:52 AM

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I suggest 3 lines / tanks to get:

T29 (t7 USA heavy). Really strong turret and a nice gun. Liked by many, can compete with tier 8 tanks when hull down. The next in the line is the T32, if you mastered playing the T29, this one offers new challenges and is really nice to play imo.

IS-3 (ussr t8 heavy). Strong armor, decent mobility and a powerful, fearsome gun. Used to be the standard choice (and best t8 tank) for a very long time. Playing until this tank teaches you to make trades, how to use your armor and how to deal with enemy heavy tanks.

Jagdpanther (German t7 td). If you like the support role, this one is great. The (105 mm) gun is really nice and reliable, although you might have to press '2' if you're dealing with well armoured vehicles from 1 or 2 tiers higher. Due to the good accuracy, shell velocity and reload it can reliably deal dmg. Don't rely on its armor. The t5 stug III offers the same play style 2 tiers lower.

If you get to these tanks and like them, you could always continue getting the tanks that follow up. Have fun :)

DeadLecter #6 Posted 11 May 2019 - 08:24 AM


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First of all, forget about FV. It's a giant sack of dog poop now. I have it and it's nerfed to the ground.

And what tiers do you want to play? Some lines may be bad at lower tier but great at higher tiers or vice versa. 

I personally enjoy 277 and IS-7 line. 

V4, 430U, 140, and generally all Russian lines are good, except for IS-4 and 268 and 268 is all good except for the last one


S_E_N_N_A #7 Posted 11 May 2019 - 08:59 AM

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Is7 might be a good choice its mobile got some stronk armor and will hit snapshots 95% of the time when you shout rashhaaaa:popcorn:

ihateclowns #8 Posted 11 May 2019 - 10:09 AM

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mpf1959 #9 Posted 11 May 2019 - 10:48 AM

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What tree should I grind next?


An economical choice would be Silver Birch, or for a more pleasing aesthetic, the good old Scots Pine!

Patamajuri #10 Posted 11 May 2019 - 11:02 AM


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If you want something different, why not try autoloader heavies? They will play very differently.

Maybe the swedish line, as they got buffed and can actually bounce things when played correctly.

For T57 only the last tank is heavy tank, and for them french autoloader heavies the lower tier grind is dreadful.

etody77 #11 Posted 11 May 2019 - 11:25 PM

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Kranwagn HT autoloader, now is coll

Type 5 heavy  is a kind of maus with FV 4005 gun

Spaghetti, tier 10 is nice, all line playable

And...maybe obj 705A


Nishi_Kinuyo #12 Posted 12 May 2019 - 10:44 AM

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One has to consider the STB-1. :girl:

She_Took_The_Kids #13 Posted 17 May 2019 - 01:00 PM


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Thanks for all the replies, I really appreciate it. I've decided I'll probably get the FV4005 since I'm doing fairly well as TD. My next grind will be on the IS-7, since that's a classic heavy tank and fairly mobile, would be refreshing from the Maus. :-)

SaintMaddenus #14 Posted 17 May 2019 - 01:41 PM


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View Postmpf1959, on 11 May 2019 - 10:48 AM, said:

What tree should I grind next?


An economical choice would be Silver Birch, or for a more pleasing aesthetic, the good old Scots Pine!



and if you are really lucky you get a choice of more than one hole..



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