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mishu123 #1 Posted 16 May 2019 - 01:25 PM


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Hi guys,

Lately I've been chat banned and I never said an inappropriate word in the last few months. I had been chat banned before, for cursing and I accepted it because, well, it's the game rules. Now, I created a ticket to support to make an appeal. Of course, I received the standard copy/paste WG bull**** that the system works, no one gets banned by mistake and the regular blablabla. Ticket closed. I reopened the ticket and ask for proof that I did something wrong and received the bull**** again. So I opened another ticket, I'll just paste it bellow so you can have a great laugh.


Created 1 day ago
To all the tickets your answers are just BLABLABLA copy/paste nothings. Why do you even bother to have a "support" department?




They don't even bother. So, WG, get your systems working or close the stupid deal.

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