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Which tanks for Block-14?

personal missions n00b gold spam Excalibur

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UrQuan #21 Posted 06 June 2019 - 05:19 PM

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View PostMav75, on 06 June 2019 - 05:13 PM, said:


Got close with the Mäuschen, but really haven’t tried too much. Sitting in the open, begging to get shot isn’t my strong suit.


Mauschen isn't the best for it tho if you're not used to collect blocked damage. Main issue with the Mauschen is that the average T9 pen exceeds armor thickness, so you need your wits about at all times to get blocked damage. While the VK 100 armor is thicker then the average pen it meets, so that tank can do it easier if you're not used to maximize your blocked damage. VK 100 should be able to block quite some prem ammo from its tier rather easy as well. 


Copy/pasting my short armor guidein this thread: so have a read: ( it is meant for folks who have trouble using their armored tank & claim that prem ammo invalidates armor )


Short armor guide:


Armor does NOT exist to make people immune to damage. Such approach is bad for the game. Armor exists to make you more resistant to damage, so that the gun with 220mm pen (T8 ballpark pen, some have less, some have more) has trouble penning you, not that you are impossible to be damaged by it.

Because people have trouble with armor & it never seems enough (VK 100 armor stats: 200 mm UFP armor, 230mm turret front, 220mm rounded cupola, triple spaced 100mm tracks with 130mm side armor & 170/160mm turret sides for T8, that's insane levels of armor for a T8), have a short armor guide:


Proper armor usage follows these guidelines:

- Don't get hit: No matter what you drive, this is paramount. Don't get hit when you don't need to. RNG will strike at the wrong time

- Bait shots: Peek out some tough piece of armor, you'd be surprised how many people take shots at it. Once done, roll out that gun & answer in kind! Also known as: collect that blocked damage!

- Angle up: When you have to expose yourself to hostile fire: maximize your armor; it reduces the hurt greatly (notice, I said 'reduce' not 'immunize;) -> get those premium shells added to your blocked damage

- Don't do bad trades! If there's a ton of tanks aiming at you & not tricked by your baiting, don't try & shoot for 400 damage when you can get 1000 damage in return.

- Know your enemy guns: An IS-6 has no hope penning you if you play your KV-4/VK 100 properly, while that Borsig will remain a serious issue when he's aimed at you & waiting for you to come out. Go all out on that IS-6 if you can, make a mockery out of him. But that Borsig? Treat it with the respect that gun deserves & shoot him when you can, or signal your allies to his presence, people love shooting paper tanks.

- Don't tease the Deathstars (Jagpanzer E-100 & British FV TD's) No really, don't do it. It's not worth it. (I do this sometimes, but I am a professional; I know what I am do -KABOOM!- ing...)

- Don't go alone: Way too many people think their heavy armor tank is a solo pwn machine. Nope it is not: bring friends/teammates. make sure you got support in back. When you do: it's rocking time. When you don't? Go defensive, punish the enemy for even thinking to approach you. You want a solo pwn machine? Get IS-3 or any other generalist tank & get good at the game. Armored tanks are not it (But WG sure as hell tries lately, not a good evolution imo). 


Way too few people do this & just end up dead with barely any damage blocked in their armored tank. Then complain armor is useless. Then we end up with tanks like Maus & jap heavies because people want armored tanks without the skill to use them. Then act shocked when nobody wants to fight these tanks, resulting in some very dumb team deployments (because no-one likes to be Type 5 food (well WG remedied this a bit), or plant shell after shell in a Maus for 0 effect)

You want a tank that can hold of enemy armies while blasting your way to the top? Get an armored tank, learn how to use said armor. Learn the pen mechanics of every type of shell & use/abuse that. Learn which situations work & which don't. Look at team compositions & act accordingly. 

And when you do? Start rocking. Take control of your lane, either by holding it, or by pushing it. Deny the enemy passage/control. Do that and you already pushed up your winchances greatly in your armored tank.


PS: angling is a very important part of collecting blocked damage deliberately. It is why tanks like the O-I aren't that good from a skilled armor user perspective. Sure it bounces almost every standard shell it meets frontally, but the moment prem ammo starts flying, its angling options are limited. Quite some pikenose tanks & tanks that rely on angled plates for armor also suffer from this.

Blocking double or even triple your HP requires an armor layout you can count on & boxy steel boxes offer this best without being impenetrable (people get tired of shooting things they know they can hardly ever pen bar a freak RNG roll, like Sconq turret & IS-7 turret in hulldown positions)


Can't touch me, I have the high ground! 


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vasilinhorulezz #22 Posted 06 June 2019 - 05:56 PM


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Block missions are really frustrating, even if you find the perfect spot, sadly, when people realize they can't pen you, they just stop shooting at you, or spam HE.

Vexnet #23 Posted 06 June 2019 - 09:47 PM


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I made it in O-I

ValkyrionX #24 Posted 06 June 2019 - 09:52 PM


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did it on the type5 , if you have the OI try with lower tier Japanese HTs 

P33K #25 Posted 09 June 2019 - 08:17 PM


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Did the last ones finally with Mauschen. After a few tries, 5.7k blocked. Works ok, when top tier. Just need right maps for it.

A bit stupid mission, considering you have to play quite illogically.

Robbie_T #26 Posted 10 June 2019 - 02:45 AM

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In  did it in my type 5


Haws #27 Posted 10 June 2019 - 09:12 AM


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Top tier OI on Province for me, get arty safe and get spotted often, think I ended on at least 3 times HP

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