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Frontline fun

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ronnybajas #1 Posted 22 May 2019 - 04:57 PM


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Standard battles are so boring compared to frontline. Standard map are to small. You go to same spot every match. Frontline offer alot more freedom.

So see you alle 17 june again.

Same frontline map can offer different sizes? Maybe small map/short battle have 6 korridors as today, while medium have 12 and large/long battle 18?

WG please make atleast 6 frontline maps. 1 week for each map, then we see same map only every 6 week and will have frontline fun every week.


Would be cool if you could have talent tree for all tanks. If you choose armor path, you loose horsepower. You choose topspeed path you loose acceration ,  To gain something you loose something.

Tanks with worst win rate maybe can get extra talent points.

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