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"Training" mode needs an update

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Beoger #1 Posted 28 May 2019 - 10:22 AM


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Here are some ideas for improving the utility of the Team Training:

1) Enable Players to Explore Maps.

Just let me roam a (new) map alone. If you're really good, give me an option to switch on the flying camera mode, too. A flying camera would be useful e.g. to see if a position can be seen/shot at from a certain angle or just to fly around the map to find positions that I might want to try.

2) Enable Bots for Training
Bots could be useful in a variety of ways, depending on how sophisticated/configurable they are.

2a) Simple Bots

Lets player choose tier/class for each bot; maybe limited or randomized choice as to what specific model each tank is going to be. These could be used ...

  • as enemy team to practise your platoon tactics on
  • to fill up ranks if there are not enough players in your room for a 15:15
  • for testing of positions on a map
  • for training basic maneuvers and target practise


2b) Sophisticated Bots

If you really want to go fancy you could go for bots that can be configured in various ways: Varying levels of difficulty, (nearly) unlimited choice of vehicles, option to display weakspots/modules on the outside of the vehicles, selectable playstyles (eg. aggressive, defensive, passive), ability to command bots to perform standard maneuvers (eg. side-scraping, hull-down) etc. These could be used like the simple bots, but also

  • to train hitting weakspots/modules
  • to train standard situations, like trading with or side-scraping against tanks, circling etc.
  • to train against a specific tank you have problems with
  • to train hitting a moving target that doesn't shoot back
  • etc.


3) Enable Respawn/Invulnerability

Useful for one-on-one training. Either just give a respawn option, so that I don't have to restart the map, drive all the way to find my training partner, trade a few shots and then having to repeat ...OR just give me the option to switch on invulnerability, i.e. just show me the damage I would have taken, but keep my tank in the game. That way you could practise hitting weak-spots, angling/side-scraping or reverse-slope hull-down positions without having to reset all the time.


Pi_314159265358979 #2 Posted 28 May 2019 - 10:23 AM

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I agree with your suggestion.:great:

Balc0ra #3 Posted 28 May 2019 - 10:50 AM

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Tho most of these are good ideas. I doubt we will see most of them soon. Why? On that huge Q&A they had a few months ago. Several things were noted as a server strain issues on why it's not there. This and even crew training was mentioned. As why your crews forgets old tanks they have used. But that was more a server storage issue. As that would double or triple the size of each profile. And for one user that's not much, but when you have a few million stored, it stacks up. Same with solo rooms, it would need a low cap to work. As if you start 10K solo matches on one server to explore a map. It would run more instances, then if you had full 15 vs 15 battles going for 100K players.


But... respawns for training rooms would not have the same effect I guess. And would be a welocme idea. And would be great if you are exploring weak spots, and don't have to worry about resetting it when you take out the target tested. 




Beoger #4 Posted 28 May 2019 - 05:42 PM


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View PostBalc0ra, on 28 May 2019 - 10:50 AM, said:

Several things were noted as a server strain issues on why it's not there.


Didn't know about that, but I think that many of the things I suggested can be realized with a little ingenuity.

  • Depending on how it is implemented, map exploration would not require a connection to the server, much like the replay viewer for recorded matches doesn't need a connection to either of the game servers and can even run offline.
  • The bot functionality would be an issue concerning server load, but it could be outsourced. The common test server needs bots anyway, as the only matches you can realistically have are in tier 10, as in the mid-low tiers there are not enough players. I have tried to test out some 6-7 tier tanks of lines I wanted to grind and wasn't able to get into a match; I don't think it is any different for tier 5 and lower. 
  • Some of the other suggesstions should not put more strain on the server, eg. showing weak spots on tanks, respawn functionality.

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