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A humble idea for ranked battles

ranked battles

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LePellio #1 Posted 01 June 2019 - 06:05 PM


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So hear me out guys,

First of all I apologize for my bad writing and grammar. English is obviously not my first language.

Next my background: Joe average player, 50% global winrate (always trying to improve), "only" 4 Tier X: Action X, Kranvagn, WZ 133GFT and the Trashwagon.

So I tried my luck and skill in ranked and after about round about 40 to 50 games i am still at rank 4 at the lowest league. A large part of coming down to tha fact that i am not really good at the game.

Never the less i noticed some aspects i and most likley you guys to, are having issues with. Alot of them being discussed in the forums already. Them beeing:

1. The "SpecialAmmo"Spam

2. The option to play Reward Tier X (like the (B)object 907). The problem being, that a lot of the playerbase doesn't have the means of getting one and that they are on average stronger then theire techtree counterparts

3. In a lot of the matches consisting of these bad-bois: (B)object 430 FU, Super Conquerer, 277s, etc. A lot of Tier X are being completly ignored. Even though WG likes to say that everything is balanced and a valid pick.

4. Wierd Tankrole extra xp, somewhat limiting the player in his or her gameplay choices.

5. The entire process of getting ranked all together. You are at first competeing against your team. Effective Teamplayer is nullified. Why should someone take the first hit so someone else gets the hits on the enemy. Excluding platoons in ranked is wrong on many levels. Team-play shouldn't be seen as op and should be encouraged. But it isn't.

My ideas/solutions:

1. A 10% to 15% limit on "SpecialAmmo". Maybe even going so far on having an indivdual limit for each Tier X based on the the Number of how much more pen you get with the "SpecialAmmo".

2. Only Techtree Tier X. A First step of having a level playing ground. Each player has/had the same choises of tanks. So somehat of an equal start.

3.Obvioulsy you can't start stopping players of choising broken op Tanks like the 430U. It is the rational choise. So no hard feelings there. And WG has no intention of balancing Tier X more fairly. So how about using the global winrate of all Tier X and giving out bonus Xp for using Tanks with a below average. And maybe even reduce the xp income of such Tier X with a above average global winrate. Driving a 430U doesn't require skill. Just a w key and mouse. Maybe so some people are inclined giving weaker Tanks a try. Making gameplay overall more interesing.

4. How about instead of dictating the player what they should do, aknowledge the fact that some maps are better for heeays, some are better for lights. Classify all maps after their "openess". City maps: lightly armoured Tanks get bonuses for good play. Open non city maps: armoured and slow Tanks get bonuses for good play.

5.First of all: Allow platoons. Second: Instead of these chevron and devision system going up the ranks trying to get the sacred rank 10, make it completly average xp and combined damage. For example: The first 50 games are the unranked ones. After that your averages are going into your intial rank. Then so on. You get upranked if you play well for a number of games or downranked if you preform badly. Even the the concept of bronze silver and gold devision could be kept like this. Maybe with smaller amount of ranks. And if you win against a team which combinded average rank is higher then your teams: more bonus xp. Same goes in the other direction.


I absolutly know that this is just a biased opinion based on my experience. I am interested what you guys think. Thank you for your patience while reading and have  a nice weekend. :) 

PayMore #2 Posted 01 June 2019 - 07:07 PM

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Good idea, nothing will happen.

Gatix #3 Posted 01 June 2019 - 10:44 PM


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My tanks T110E3, T57 heavy and Patton, most obj can hull down and you can't do anything vs them, just there no weak spot or pixel weak spot, to tell you true, WG is Rasha game, so deal with this, you go with obj or take hard lose.

NUKLEAR_SLUG #4 Posted 02 June 2019 - 12:06 AM


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How about WG just pick 10 tanks and give everyone them as rentals for the duration of the Ranked season all with fixed 3 skill crews. Then everyone has exactly the same opportunity to choose whatever tank they want to use.

You could even get funky and 'lock' a tank for 3 battles after each use so everyone has to play a different one from the pool.

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