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EBR 75 FL10 - general line consensus & progression

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ExclamationMark #1 Posted 09 June 2019 - 11:19 PM


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I bought the EBR 75 FL10 recently, had a coupon and from what I saw the tank looked nice. Long story short, I enjoy playing it.

I've played the T9 and T10 French LTs on the test server, I enjoyed the EBR 105, not so much the EBR 90. 

I am just wondering, how does the line in general play out on the live server? I've played enough recently to know what to expect from people playing them, but aside from the FL10 I haven't played any of them on the live server. Currently I'm only playing premium tanks, but in the future I may grind the line. Just curious as to what the general consensus of it is.


Please do not reply if you are going to complain about wheeled LTs. That's not what I made this topic for.


Best regards :honoring:

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Oldewolfe #2 Posted 10 June 2019 - 01:00 AM

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I'm Liking all of them so fsr, just Unlocked the EBR 105 myself....       I agree though the EBR 90 is the Least Friendly so far....


The Tier 6 and 7 are the Slow ones and they don't get the Speed Boost the Tier 8's on Up do...     They have Reasonable Guns, but they're mainly Intro to the Real part of the Line....      Not to say they're Bad, but they won't be everyone's Cup of Tea....


As for the Lynx, don't expect the same Performance as the EBR 75, it's Good, but it's not an Autoloader either....    I like the Lynx alot and in Frontline the 2 of them can Ruin the Red Teams day.....     The Lynx also makes for a Great TD and is Far less Bouncy than than the EBR's....      I set the Lynx and the Tier 6 and 7 up all around the Gun Handling, Vents, Rammer, and Stabilizer....    Skills I went Full Camo for the Crew with 6th on the Commander fir their First Set, Second I went Mandatory S Skill on the Crew, Snap, Smooth, Safe, and Camo on the Commander....














With the EBR 75 I had to resort to a Different Approach with it being an Autoloader....     What I ended up doing was, as I looked at the Remaining Equipment, resort to the Enhanced Suspension which adds 50% to the Suspension Health of the Armored Cars....     On the EBR 75 that raises the Suspension HP from 200 to 300 making them some Hard Toys to Stop....     I also went Full Camo and 6th as before but I Changed Up the 3rd Skill a little by going Controlled Impact on the Driver....      Since everyone liked trying to run them Over, I felt it was a Good Idea to give ot Back in some way, this just seemed to Fit...




And the EBR 90 using the Same Crew and Equipment....












Just working on Credit Grinding now for the EHR 105 Sale on the 30th...           After that I'll Equip it the Same as the EBR's 75 and 90 with the Vents, Suspension, and Stabilizer or Rammer....      I'm looking forward to adding it to the Garage, I've alotta Fun with it on the Test Server....






Hope it helps Some, I'm  Crapplayer really, I know what I want to do but my Inherent Bad Luck keeps me from Accomplishing alot of it....      Maybe it'll work better for you in the Long Run...

voodoospirit #3 Posted 10 June 2019 - 02:46 PM


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i passed the t6 and the t7, grinded the rest.

HE are more efficient in the lower part of the treetech than the upper part the pen vs armor is better, i will have often higher average damages in t6/t8 (t6/t8 hitting me)


-the lynx is a good firesupport light, overall subpar to the premium, u don t have 8 wheels, more prone to get slowed down but not complicated to play , does its job ok ( firesupport) , more or less still blind for active scouting.


-the t9 can start to active scout but still lack view range, 8 wheels that can eat some shots, tank start to have toubles to controls and drift , lack of precise path is present ( full speed in narrow roads, between 2 rocks/wreck) , u will end up hitting something, stopped and usually rain of shells follows just after. i stil keep it as the T9 MM is more viable than the other tiers.still fun to play, never engage russian lights.


- ebr105: can active scout , still outspotted by any lights and some meds,td/binocs and such, more like a fast redeployment firesupport than a scout, huge drift problems/controls and precise path, 80% of my deaths are the cause of those more than the skills of the enemies, avoid nbarrow roads, rocks/wrecks , slopes if u turn and so on.


yellow player sand above don t seems to have much troubles to shot u at 200 cross full speeding, get shot regulary at 300+ by blues and above. under 100m, reds manages to shot me on a regular basis (like WTF! snap shot at 95kmh? :) )  = speed is not armor at all, relying on the lack of skill of the reds wont save u.

long reload, dont engage other lights (especially lt432 otr t100lt), t49/sheridan can shred u a part ( and spot u from far) and remember german lights have better HE than u.


as a light (and some paper tanks) player , i banned 2 city maps . wheelies suck in cities, any other lights will be better.

u will lose wheels 486906 times in the game, the simple no speed touch  against friends or foe, u will lose hitpoints and wheels. wheels will sometimes be like space armor, if u r full speed u will lose speed but if accelerate or mid speed, u r dead, u can t accelerate or turn.

remember when groing from speed to agility mode, u will turn MUCH sharper (and or drift) and then u can hit your target because u turn sharper.


dont consider that line as active scouts like most of the dumb players of the other classes think.... u can makje a fast recon at the start then u firesupport and then with your speed u chase the wounded or active scout because less opponents and more opening, a regular light will spot better, but u can chase down easly with your speed.

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