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Strv S1 rental Ace video & some thoughts

Strv S1

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DiSaBor #1 Posted 11 June 2019 - 02:40 PM


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I decide to try this rental tank today.

The play-style is indeed unique. You must know precisely where to defend (camp) and when to push. The fact you must switch on/off siege mode, force you to predict the gameflow before things happen.

[Edit : I played several games the day after recording the video. I s**ked even worse. In a bad loss or a huge win, it is hard to pull out damage due to lack of flexibility]



It took me several bad games before pulling out decent ones. And this was the 13th game.

Abbey. Guarded central path and got 2 shots of early dmg, and a 3rd one to finish enemy EBR who was lacking map awareness.

2 allies started to shoot each other. Killed the blue one. But who knows who shot who first. While everywhere else was won, heavy line has almost fallen. I went there to help. Enemy heavies went all up to kill a friendly King Tiger, but they came one by one to feed me. A MauerBrecher was the only one able to overmatch me, but I got the DPM advantage. Shot him several times, while keeping the armor facing enemy Tiger P the rest of the time. They were both killed by allies, giving me some more assisting damage.

A surprising M was awaiting me.


[Awaiting critics]


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