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When you're gonna close team damage in random battles?

team damage random battles

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sokolicc #21 Posted 19 June 2019 - 10:40 AM


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Teamdamage in FL would be toxic as you could track teammate and get in cap first, or exploit that crap. I mean, teamdamage in cap is insta ban, but why to deal with thousands of bans and unsatisfied customers. Just disable teamdamage and voila.
About ranked - also nice since pressure is high and atmosphere toxic.

But randoms - don't dumb down gameplay even more. People play aggressive and facehug in order not to get hit by enemy arta.
Don't ming but i like more challenges. If they're dumbing down gameplay okay. I will stay in game as long as i have fun. When i don't have - i quit.
Simple as that.
Randoms are dumb because people are getting high tiers easier than ever, in 7 days and 200 battles they reach tier 8-9-10 and have no clue about the tank. It's dumb enough, don't screw it even more.

But for now idea of adapting game to casuals and making it less competitive seems awful to me, not funny. Like burgers from McDonald's - make it look nice and sell to noobs, who cares about the taste.

ali1234512 #22 Posted 19 June 2019 - 03:22 PM

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