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Remove/d maps - hates and faves

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KoenigsMarder #1 Posted 23 June 2019 - 01:45 PM


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I'd like Swamp back ♥Bildergebnis für wot swamp

Due to its small size, it could be limited to Tier6 only, either that or it needs to be made bigger. Overall it offered a lot of ways to be played and every vehicle type had some way to go about it. Also the style was charming:

Bildergebnis für wot swamp


I'd like Camperovka to be removed


Heat map says it all. Camp on 1 line... for about 10 minutes. Who ever gets bored first, get's shot by 5-10 invisible tanks.

A few Heavies camp useless on rails... while the hill dies to artillery shells. Engaging gameplay, really. (every... single... match... ugh)

The 'rework' (placing a few bushes!) made it slightly more bearable, but that's like whipped cream on a dog turd. 

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