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Gojonnogo #1 Posted 02 July 2019 - 10:50 PM


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Hi to whoever happens to be reading this.


I was told by a mate that I should make a forum thread for some of my YouTube videos. Just as an FYI I only really make these videos for a bit of fun and they help me with learning some new parts of the game and from noticing mistakes in my games. If they help other people or entertain them then that's a happy coincidence.


Here are some of what are considered my better videos to date:




My Links:

YouTube - Due to not streaming there is a video out every weekday at the moment.

Twitch - Not able to stream at the moment but I will get back into it.

Twitter - If you want to connect with me this is probably the best place to.



Hope you have an amazing day if you're reading this and if you watch any of the videos then enjoy. Let me know if you have any feedback because I'm always interested to hear on how to improve.



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