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Supertest News: Minsk changes

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Actinid #1 Posted 08 July 2019 - 11:03 AM

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Hello everyone,


Minsk Map Testing: What’s Next?


The Minsk map refinement testing is in full swing: we’ve elaborated two adjusted versions of the location and today we put them into closed testing.

Exp4 (1).jpg

1) First version


The first version  will see three main game areas redesigned: the city blocks around the circus, the map’s open ground and the blocks clustered around the ‘Victory’ obelisk.


∙ To provide for a wider variety of tactics, we’ve made the built-up area behind the buildings topped with huge red letters reading “ПОДВИГ НАРОДА БЕССМЕРТЕН” (“The People’s Deeds Are Immortal”;) available to battle in.




∙ The terrain in the northern part has been lifted thus allowing for more intense battles on the map’s open ground. Also, the ford has been covered a bit to make it harder to shoot through from a distance, while the stairs are now wider to allow for easier crossing of the water barrier. The position for TDs in the upper-left corner has been revised, too: the shrubbery has been thinned, and a newly added small hill is now providing cover from fire.




∙ The central part has been complemented with higher grounds to make it easier for light tanks to survive in this area.


∙ The number of objects blocking shooting through from a distance has dwindled: among others, a part of the white fence along the avenue has been removed.



∙ The site planning in the western part (the area by the circus) has been reworked dramatically: now the backyards are more spacious and accessible to battle in.





2) Second version


The other variant features the above-mentioned adjustments plus a new edifice has been erected by the northern base in order to make up for the improved positions by the circus and diversify gameplay options in this part of the map.






None of these refinements are set in stone. Depending on the testing results we will decide whether we should keep working on the map.


Have a nice day all !

KanonenVogel19 #2 Posted 08 July 2019 - 01:17 PM

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If the entire concept of the map is broken, then it doesn't matter how much you tweak individual positions, it will still be a broken map.



You're still being stubborn about creating maps with close quarters corridors. Take a look at the entire left and right side of your map. Where is camouflage and viewrange supposed to take part in this map? How does accuracy matter in this map when everything is shot at from point blank range? On top of that, tanks with weakspots get farmed like nothing because on these short distances, it's so easy to hit them. On the other hand, tanks without weakspots can easily bouce a lot because these corridors doesn't allow any flanking at all.


How long will it take for you to finally understand that these types of maps are not good for gameplay? The only class that benefits from this map is HTs, all other classes will struggle to properly perform their dedicated battlefield role. And I have to say this even though I don't like SPGs, how do you expect SPGs to do anything useful on this map? There's just buildings in the way everywhere. You want SPGs to try to hit the fast moving racing cars driving around in the middle or what? If you insist of keeping SPGs in the game, how about allowing them to actually be usefull aswell?


If you so badly want a Minsk map, why not make a map from the outskirts of Minsk? You know, the type of terrain where tanks would actually fight, and not in the middle of the city. Take inspiration from where real tank battles took place and what kind of terrain that was. This is a great example of what a map should look like:



Then again I wonder why I took the time to write all this. Just like with the premium ammo rework, you will soon have a survey about the Minsk map and I can already say that the survey will tell you exactly what you want to hear, i.e. that it's a great map and players like it a lot. Anyhow, I've explained my opinion, if you listen or not, is beyond my control.

Inappropriate_noob #3 Posted 27 August 2019 - 11:19 AM

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^^^^^^^^^What he said^^^^^^^^^^^


He said it very well too, wasn't this map supposed to be made bigger or something yonks ago?

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