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Rank and Review YOUR Tier X Tanks

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lime_vortep #1 Posted 10 July 2019 - 04:19 PM

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The thread is simple. Name the Tier X tanks that you have and rank them (if possible write some review of the tank). 


My tier X's are: Maus, JagdPanzer E 100, (Germany), Object 261, Object 268 and Object 268 V4 (Russia), FV4005 and FV215b 183 (UK), Type 5 Heavy (Japan), Strv 103B (Sweden). 


My ranking: 


1. JagdPanzer E 100

- I perform great in that tank. Less than 200 battles and I have two gun marks on it. The monster gun does amazing damage and the armour can do a lot if angled properly. It is a capable sniper for it;s caliber, but it is a god brawler if it has support. 


2. Maus

- It was a god before the last nerf. The nerf itself is not that big, but the meta with all the gold is making it a bit... But I love the tank. IT has a fantastic 128mm gun, armour that can make earning Steel Wall being easy. Yes the mobility is terrible, but the tanks is meant to hold position and for that it does not require that much speed. My fastest Tier X Ace tanker at 33 battles and gun mark at around 60 battles (before nerf). 


3. Object 268

- The tank was SO bad before they buffed it;s mobility and gun handling. I sold mine before the buff and recently (during the TOTT) I bought it back after hearing good words from my friends. And guess what? The tank is very good now! The mobility is quite good, the camo is good, and the gun handling and accuracy on that 152mm gun are fantastic fror sniping. Yes, the armour is crap, but it has to have some minuses. 


4. Object 261

- Fantastic arty. Fast and mobile that give you the abillity to change positions, fast reload and great accuracy. The tanks is not the monster damage dealer like the CGC or T92 but it makes a lot of stun damage due to good rate of fire. I enjoy it as sometimes I want to take a break from classic tank madness. 


5. Object 268 Version 4

- Many will think I am mad for rating is below the original 268, but the tank is just not working that well for me. It is not very good for sniping, it is supposed to be a brawler, but constant gold spam and tracking make the tank hard to play. Some battles it is a monster, but in other it is just usesless. 


6. Strv 103B

- This tank depends to much on the map. On most maps the tank is VERY hard to play beacuse the tank can be played only as sniper. But most maps don't have good sniping positions. But if the tank does land a good map it can be a god of war. Must note that that accuracy and shell velocity is just amazing. 


7. FV2015b (183)

- The tank is now better than the FV4005. It can destory all with that massive 183mm HESH, and it has SOME armour to protect itself. But it is not that fun anymore. 


8. FV4005

- Before the nerf that tank was going to be in my top 3, but after the nerf it is near unplayable. And no, it is not because of the gun handling nerf...it is that 8kmph reverse speed. OMG that reverse is just so bad that the tank in unplayable. How can you use a tank that is huge as a house made of paper that fires 183mm gun that will got you spotted in seconds and you have to hide with 8kmph speed? Nope, does not work. 


9. Type 5 Heavy

- Same as the 4005, the Type 5 was so much fun to play before the nerf. Now if you use the 15sm gun you will deal like 150-200 damage. To tier X. 200 damage. To tier X! Nope! How about that 14sm gun? Well now that one works better, but again you must use it on gold to pen those heavys, but all the charm of the tank is gone. You are huge hp box with terrible speed. To much minuses. Yes it has armour but the 2 key deletes that plus. 


Notable mentions: 

E 100 - My first Tier X tank ever. I enjoyed it bu after I bought the Maus and transfered the crew, I told myself. Having the Maus, will I use the E 100. The answer was no. I am waiting on the E 100 buff to give it another go...maybe. 


Badger - I did not like it. Yes the gun is great in terms of accuracy and rate of fire and the armour worked sometimes, but it was just not my tank...


Sfinski #2 Posted 10 July 2019 - 05:11 PM

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I have way too many t10s to rate, so I'll stick to my 5 best performing ones.


I'll just pair these two together. Chieftain and 279e, op tanks. Not much more to it. Take arty worse than wheeled lights though. 600 dmg shots most of the time, if it doesnt pen.


60TP, fun tank with fun alpha. Fits randoms slow pace.


S. Conqueror, being slower works nicely in randoms and less people know its weakspots so you can sit in front of people and abuse the dpm.


T110E4, best t10 TD. Turret makes huge difference and every tank it meets is butter. If only the 1st person camera worked same way as it does in fully rotating turret tanks and it would be one of my favorite tanks, now its just once in a month tank.


140, pew pew, rashaa, ye dead.

r00barb #3 Posted 10 July 2019 - 06:06 PM

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BatChat 25t  It's nice to look at in the garage, I guess.


Squonk  It's nice to look at in the garage, I guess.


FV215b  It's nice to look at in the garage, I guess.


WZ-132-1  It's nice to look at in the garage, I guess.


I don't play many tier 10 battles. :hiding:

Magickilah #4 Posted 10 July 2019 - 07:01 PM


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I sold all my Tier 10 tanks:

Maus ...sold 

E100 ...sold

PZ.Kpfw.VII ..sold

T110E5. sold

Why to play with such tanks. Don't shoot well and have weak armour. Tier 10 is for cheaters.

NUKLEAR_SLUG #5 Posted 10 July 2019 - 07:05 PM


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View PostMagickilah, on 10 July 2019 - 07:01 PM, said:

Why to play with such tanks. Don't shoot well and have weak armour. Tier 10 is for cheaters.


Tier 10 is for players that understand which end of the gun to point at the enemy. I appreciate not all are quick to grasp this concept.

r00barb #6 Posted 10 July 2019 - 07:11 PM

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View PostNUKLEAR_SLUG, on 10 July 2019 - 06:05 PM, said:

Tier 10 is for players that understand which end of the gun to point at the enemy. I appreciate not all are quick to grasp this concept.


You'd reconsider that claim if you'd seen the teams I've been getting today. :sceptic:


I've avoided playing tier 10 for so long because I felt I wasn't good enough and I'd only drag my team down while providing the enemy with free hp. From what I've seen in the last few days grinding my tier 9s, I'm the only person playing this game who thinks that so screw it, I'm grinding and I'm going in! :izmena:

Negativvv #7 Posted 10 July 2019 - 07:57 PM

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I don't have that many but here goes...


1: Object 140: What I see as the "Universal Soldier" in WoT, as in a tank that can do almost everything well.


2: Bat Chat: The original superhero Autoloader. Has a lot of potential that I'm not quite ready for.


3: Patton: Feels very capable but I haven't mastered all the maps yet so I lack a bit of ridgeline experience.


4: T57 Heavy: Amazing burst potential but slow and patchy armour. Great trolling potential with HEAT however.


5: Deathstar: Yes I wasted credits buying it. I can't afford to put a decent crew in it as I need the credits for better things. Will be worth it one day when it's a fully operational (battle station:trollface:) and I get to 1 shot T8s in that game where everything comes together.


I have the Progetto, S.Conq and TVP I could buy and I'm currently grinding up the AMX 50b along with the 430U because Rasha. The former 3 I'm not upgrading yet as I feel I have more to give and learn at T9 with the Standard B and Skoda.


EzoRedFox #8 Posted 10 July 2019 - 08:19 PM


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Played the M4 54, T110E4, T-62a, STB, CAX, Sheridan and IS-4.

1.) STB - Really potent if put into a position where you can use your DPM, gun is still pretty derpy but overall feels solid now and the turret while not the best can still bounce a bit. Main downside is the pretty poor mobility as the top speed is lackluster.

2.) IS-4 - Simply an awesome platform. Great all around armour on a platform that can go 40km/h and an armour scheme that can be angled very well. Literally the only issue is the gun which would be piss-poor for tier 9.

3.) AMX M4 54  - A pretty fun but overall poor tank, the armour works as a riot shield where if you shove it in someones face, you'll bounce stuff. Moment you angle however, you've got no armour at all on a super-heavy with an awful HP pool. Gun is a mixed bag, high alpha with good gun handling but low pen and can troll sometimes.

4.) T-62a - Last of the tier Xs I've kept, its really bad. Great gun let down by the awful alpha, a pretty poor platform with mediocre mobility, bad armour outside of the turret and -5* gun depression so super clunky. Very poor tank that is in definite need of being looked at.

5.) Centurion AX - Not worth it over its tier 9 counterpart. Similarly derpy gun, massive platform with modules in easy-to-hit locations. Turret armour is iffy and its pretty much just a downgraded M48.

6.) T110E4 - Really didn't get along with this tank. Hilarious APCR shell but platform was very clunky for me coming from the T30 with -6* gun dep being the main killer for me.

7.) Sheridan - Its a tier X light tank so objectively terrible. Doesn't have a worthwhile advantage in comparison to any NATO tX med.

DuncaN_101 #9 Posted 10 July 2019 - 08:19 PM


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i have too many to rank so i won't bother.


i like the super heavy's i have just because i've always liked heavy tanks.

i'm less comfortable in my mediums as shown by the WR in them.


besides that TD's and arty are about the same level of fun :) i don't mind either.

lights i can't judge since i don't have any... and from what i'm reading on the forums i'm not missing out

leggasiini #10 Posted 10 July 2019 - 08:43 PM

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Alright, time to rank every tier 10 I got. You can disagree with my opinions (I have a several weird opinions but whatever), but either way, here we go:


1. E 50 Ausf. M

Fun but slightly underwhelming, the E 50 M is probably most fun T10 MT to play to me. It's not very competitive, but the gun is among the most comfortable guns in the game; combine this with hilarious ramming capabilities, and the tank is pretty fun to play. Haven't played it much, though, but that is mostly due to the fact I got it shortly before my several month hiatus, and I haven't played tier 10 much since then (aside from experimenting the post-change Type 5). If it got some buffs, it could easily become my favorite medium tank in the game. I like it's concept, just wish it was a bit better.


5.5/10 (below average)


2. E 100

I find E 100 really fun and I personally think it's bit underrated. It's not in the best shape right now, sure, but calling it "the worst tier 10 in the game" is ridiculous. The issue with it is that it requires a lot (and I mean, A LOT) of HEAT shells to work, with mostly AP it's indeed pretty bad. However, if gold spam is an option, it's an option. That being said, if you are willing to spam gold, the E 100 becomes rather decent and very fun to play. The armor can bully tier 8s, but that's about it; when you're not fighting tier 8s, you can pretty much forget it - it's indeed pretty underwhelming in this gold spam meta. If you absolutely have to "rely" on your armor, you can angle it and hope that RNG is nice to you, but the armor really isn't super good for a super-heavy. What the E 100 does have though is a combination of 750 alpha with 2.7k HP, coupled with rather decent gun handling for 750 alpha and great HEAT shells. E 100 with HEAT loaded can outtrade...anything. Just 4 penetrating hits is already 3k damage, which isn't all that bad and it's not very hard to achieve. It still needs some buffs to make it better without premium spam, though (better AP pen, velocity and probably an accuracy buff, as well as turret side buff and other minor armor buffs, though armor changes might not even be necessary with the upcoming premium ammo changes), but other than that, I still like the E 100.


6/10 (average)


3. Maus

There's tanks that win by doing damage, and then there's the Maus. With 3k HP and absolutely stupid armor values, Maus just doesn't die. It can win games by doing nothing and that's what I love about the tank. It's the meatshield. 3k HP pool alone is so massive that even if you pen the Maus every time, it's not going down quickly. And with the armor the Maus has that allows it easily to block 3k damage on average, you have this rolling blob that effectively has 6000 HP. Even though it's absolutely awfully slow at 20kph, the Maus is pretty hilarious to play. The armor allows it to do so dumb things that playing the tank can be surprisingly exciting despite the terrible mobility. When you're top tier, you can literally throw yourself in the middle of the map and you will likely still do pretty well. As for the gun, it's pretty underwhelming. It has an exceptional gun handling and accuracy, but that's about it. It has lacking pen, poor DPM, and while the alpha is decent, it's actually not very good for a super-heavy. But at least it hits stuff, so it's not very frustrating to use. Especially since I don't mind slow speeds very much (super-heavies are my favorite class, anyway), Maus is pretty hilarious tank to play. And let's not forget - it's the Maus, so it's an icon by itself.


7/10 (good)


4. Pz.Kpfw. VII

I despise it and I find it terrible, much worse than E 100 and post-1.5 Type 5. The armor layout is super clunky, it can't sidescrape, yet angling the front on corners like you do with Japanese heavies is also awkward due to the turret placement (I hate rear turrets and on a tank that can't sidescrape...yeaaaah), and let's not mention the stupid mantlet holes that can be penetrated even by tier 8s. Not just that, I find the gun much worse than it should be - the gun handling feels surprisingly bad (fully aimed accuracy is good but only if you...fully aim, and overall snapshotting capability is the worst out of all super-heavies), DPM is abysmal, alpha is good but still worse than things like Type 5 and E 100. And finally, it has ammorack on the turret ring weakspot, it gets set on fire rather easily and it has worse HP pool than other super-heavies. I can see why some people like it (shell velocity with APCR is ridiculous, armor can be super hilarious against tier 8s and 9s, etc etc), but I personally despise it and find it not only the worst tier 10 super-heavy but one of the worst tier 10 heavies in the game.


4/10 (bad)


5. JP E100

A slow, bad, clunky memebox. Armor can be surprisingly bouncy at times especially if you fight idiots since those tend to panic at your 1050 alpha. And that alpha makes the tank really hilarious at times. And you have dumb sh*t like 420 HEAT and 1400 alpha HE shells for even more memes. Thats the JP E100. But imagine being a super slow giant turretless TD with rather underwhelming HP pool for it's side and speed, and then you have a gun with 20 sec reload and no mobility to run away...and you bounce a tier 8 tank, losing 1000 damage in success just because of RNG, and then you get screwed over for that. That's also the JP E100. It can be fun but at the same time it can be the most tedious, awful to play tank in the game. If you want to play competitive tanks to get good results with, avoid the JP E100 at all costs. But if you want to play it purely for memes...sure, I guess? I both like it and hate it. I don't know, it's such a silly vehicle. It's so insanely inconsistent, it really can vary between "one of the fun tier 10s" and "absolutely by far the most unfun tier 10 to play in the game". Either way, one thing is for sure - it's a slow, bad, clunky memebox.


4/10 (bad)


6. IS-4

Even though it probably is the worst tier 10 heavy in the game (and for all intents and purposes it really is a poor man's 279e), I think it's not completely useless and I actually quite like it. The gun is heavily outdated and a whole level below any other HT gun at tier 10, but the armor can actually bounce a stupidly high amount of shots especially when angled properly (and you can angle the tank A LOT) and especially when it's top tier. A lot of people underestimate the LFP armor or side armor, resulting in a lot of bounces. I think on average I block the 3rd highest amount of shots out of all my tier 10 heavies with the IS-4, it's pretty funny. That being said, at very close ranges and against gold spamming tier 10s who know how to aim (and surprisingly often, people don't know how to aim at the IS-4), the armor suffers more, since people can aim at the turret roof weakspot and aiming at hull front and shooting it with premium becomes easier. At mid-ranges (say, +100-150m away), though, IS-4's armor is exceptional, especially when angled properly, since the roof weakspot becomes very hard to hit. That's where the main problem comes in and it's the gun. The gun is f*cking awful, it has terrible DPM, worst handling in the tier and by modern standards, 440 alpha is actually pretty bad for a pseudo super-heavy like the IS-4 is. The only thing that isn't bad is the penetration, which is actually pretty good. It's worse than not just any other tier 10 HT gun but it's also worse than most tier 9 HT guns! The gun works better at close ranges, but using the armor is a bit harder at close ranges. It's not that bad when top tier because the IS-4's armor is ridiculous against tier 8s, but in full tier 10 games the gun is so outclassed it's kinda funny. It's quite slow, but for a heavy that carries almost super-heavy levels of protection (and to be fair it does have better armor than say, E 100, so it might as well have super-heavy levels of protection lul), the mobility is pretty decent. The problem is that IS-4's firepower is atrocious and many levels behind any other tier 10 heavy, and while the armor is good, it's not good enough to compensate the terrible gun. I might be a masochist, but even though the terrible gun does render it as one of the worst, if not THE worst tier 10 HT, I find the IS-4 surprisingly fun to play. If only the tank had an actual gun, it would be so fun. That being said, it's still bad, pls buff :(


4/10 (bad)


7. IS-7 

Pretty solid, but boring to play. I rarely touch it and I don't like it very much. The gun is atrocious (though, especially for the platform, still better than the IS-4 gun), but it compensates it for having the unusual combination of good mobility and very good survivability. Just facerolling people, bouncing and sometimes even ramming stuff can be fun, but idk, if I want to play some kind of fast heavium that can be played very aggressively, I prefer something like 277 just because the gun is so much better on that thing. The IS-7 is a solid package overall, but I really don't like it at all, so it gets a somewhat lower rating for me.


6/10 (average)


8. Object 277

With the 277 having so much competition now with all the super strong heaviums like Object 260, it's not as "meta" as it used to be. That being said, even if it isn't as good as the 260 or even the 5A, it's still a great, competitive vehicle. I haven't played it very much recently; I like it's little brother at tier 9, the T-10, more. Despite that, I still like the 277 a bit, the gun is surprisingly comfortable, the amazing speed makes it fun and the armor can be really trollish (...for the both ends, heh). The only thing I really dislike about the tank is the absolutely atrocious ammo rack. Running a large repair kit helps it somewhat, but even then, the ammorack can be incredibly frustrating. Other than that, though, it's still a great vehicle, and at least it's there for those players who can't quite get the Object 260 just yet but still want a somewhat competitive heavium. It's worse than the 260, sure, but that's just because the 260 is really busted atm, not because the 277 is bad or anything. It's still a great vehicle.


8/10 (very good)


9. Object 705A


The tank is basically a gimmick, but at least it's gimmick kinda works and is somewhat unique. As the fastest super-heavy at tier 10, the 705A can rush into position rather quickly, then anchor itself and start sidescraping. Aside from a very small overmatch spot around the turret ring, the tank is basically invincible when one knows how to sidescrape with the tank. The gun is a mixed bag; it has great alpha of 650 and surprisingly good gun handling, but terrible accuracy, mediocre HEAT shells and poor DPM. The gun basically encourages the very close range brawling role even more which is what makes the tank pretty interesting to me. It's not exactly very good, as like I already said, the 705A is a bit of a gimmick. However, it's attributes gives it an unique feel, there really isn't any other tier 10 tank that feels similar to it. The 60TP is probably the closest comparison (you could say Panzer 7 but lol no), but even then it clearly has a different playstyle to the 705A. It's an unique tank that doesn't break the game yet it isn't trash either, which is why I like it.


6/10 (average)


10. Object 261

It's arty, puke


That being said I hated it even by arty standards so it's extra bad for me, the lower damage and super flat trajectory made it rather unpleasant to play compared to it's predecessors. Also the low ammo capacity is pain, though I recall they actually buffed it. I sold it after 30 games and will never look back. Idk if I should've even listed this thing, but meh, already did.


-1/10 (puke)


11. M48A5 Patton

Haven't played it very much yet as it's one of the most recent tier 10s I have, but other than that, it feels like a very solid package. I actually disliked the M46, however, the M48 fixes some issues I hated with that thing, namely the penetration and underwhelming armor. With good handling, good DPM, good pen, and good turret armor and gun depression, the M48 so far feels pretty enjoyable and a rather solid tank. It isn't particularly exciting to play to me, though, but it's very frustrating either (by tier 10 standards that is, the tier itself can be frustrating no matter what I play for a couple of reasons), so there's that. Probably the most competitive tier 10 medium I have, and another tank that I should play more (when I get arsed to actually play again lul) to get a proper feel and impressions of the vehicle.


7/10 (good)


12. AMX M4 54

One of my favorite tier 10s in the game. I like it's playstyle a lot, but unfortunately the tank is pretty underwhelming. It's not terrible and it's better than the IS-4 or Pz VII, but it's just...not very good. The gun is both great and bad, but in general, it's the main reason why I enjoy the tank. The M4 54 has an unique combination of excellent alpha damage but also good accuracy and good gun handling, especially for that caliber and alpha. Unfortunately, it has very poor penetration especially with it's premium shells and the DPM is also very poor. The platform also has it's good and bad attributes but unfortunately, a bit more bad than good. The mobility is pretty good, it has solid gun depression at -8 degrees, and the frontal armor can be bouncy especially against tier 8s, but generally, the huge side profile in combination of very poor HP pool (for it's size) and non existent side armor makes it awkward. To make it even worse, it can't sidescrape at all, but it also can't angle the front on corners that effectively. The LFP isn't that strong. It's not a Liberte. It can hulldown, but the mantlet can be cheesed with premium rounds, and it has two cupolas. The armor is generally RNG based and it's so unreliable to the point where you shouldn't use it. The HP pool can be especially triggering for very this reason, especially considering the tank is very big. Despite it's shortcomings, however, I love the tank. 560 alpha damage is high enough to make hitting things very satisfying (especially when coupled with the 130mm gun sound, by far the best gun sound in the game), and it can do it more reliably than any other high alpha heavy thanks to it's good accuracy and gun handling. It just needs some penetration and/or DPM improvements as well as HP buffed to 2.4k - 2.5k, and then it would be a great vehicle. Unfortunately, it isn't.


5/10 (below average)


13. FV 215b (183)

Wasted 23 million credits to get it from the black market, mostly because the Shitbarn was nerfed hard, so I decided this was a good opportunity to get a HESH slinger that could replace the Shitbarn on my garage. It's better but still not very good. However, I got it solely for HESH memes, not for general performance. The fact it doesn't have that atrocious -8 kph reverse speed like the Shitbarn instantly makes it more enjoyable to me, despite the other shortcomings of the tank. The fact it has enough armor not to get HE penned and a bit smaller profile is nice too. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the gun depression of the Shitbarn and it has the awkward rear mounted turret which is nothing but a bad thing with how poor the armor is (even if it's much better than the Shitbarn). I haven't played many games with it just yet, but it's waiting for proper commission once I have to complete TD-15-4. And I rather play the Deathstar than the Shitbarn. It does it job - it has HESH memes, but as a tank itself, it's pretty bad.


4.5/10 (bad)


14. FV4005 Stage II



It's really awful to play after the nerfs. The gun handling nerf is annoying, sure, but with HESH it doesn't matter that much. What really destroyed the tank for me is the beyond abysmal reverse speed. -8 is 50% worse than the -12 it used to have. It's so bad. The moment you get spotted, you basically die, because you will get shot at before you get to the cover. And although the gun nerf isn't THAT bad, it's still there to make things more annoying. It also is somewhat slower now, so there is that. It honestly wasn't super good even before the nerfs, it was annoying for sure and it was becoming more and more frequent because of the HESH memes, not for it's performance. The tank needed a massive rework, and WG nerfed exactly the wrong things about it. It still has HESH memes, but it's really bad now and it's so terrible to play (to me that is) that it's not worth it anymore. I sold it after getting the 183. Oh well. At least that means I have a great crew for the Badger line.


3/10 (very bad)


15. STB-1

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... I don't know man.


Is it better after the changes? Arguably, yes. However, it's still not very good IMO, and it's less fun to play to me, so to me, it's actually worse. Lower alpha is annoying, and the DPM buff is minor so in that regard, it's a nerf. The gun handling buff is great, but poor accuracy makes the gun still frustrating. It's supposed to be "a close range support tank", yet it doesn't have the armor or alpha damage to work at close ranges. The worse top speed is also annoying. And then there's the suspension. It's basically a defensive mechanic added on a tank that is supposed to be offensive. It works far better with the Swedish MTs with their higher alpha and better armor, but on the STB, it feels like a hindrance. The tank is supposed to be able to quickly peek ridges, shoot and retreat, but with clunky suspension it has, it's harder, because it takes longer to adjust the suspension when peeking at ridges. And to make it even worse, the reverse speed is so high that the siege mode tends to reset very easily, which means you have to repeat the suspension adjusting again. And you have to do it often because of the low alpha, something that's not an issue with the Swedes since at least their alpha damage is pretty good. I don't know, the rebalance made no sense to me. The rebalanced stats heavily contradict each other. It's supposed to be a "close range support tank", yet it has a clunky suspension, low alpha and not that great armor (even after the buffs). It's more unique, sure, but it's less enjoyable to me. I don't like it at all. The suspension in especial needed serious adjustments to work on the STB-1 - even with the automatic change like the Swedish MTs, it's still too slow and clunky for a tank like this. I don't like it.


5.5/10 (below average)


16. Type 5 Heavy

Another tank that got hit hard with 1.5 changes, though it's IMO far better off than the Shitbarn. The pre-nerf Type 5 was very fun to play to me, but it was terrible for the game so the change was more than justified and I fully agree with the derp getting nerfed hard. The derp shouldn't be a thing and it should be removed from the game. The Type 5 wasn't intented to be derp tank when introduced. Initially I was excited for the changes for not just the fact the derp got trashed, but also the fact the AP gun could seemingly finally become viable. It is viable, though it's still not very good and the derp is so useless now that the 14cm is the best option now regardless of the buffs. I like the rework but at the same time I don't. The tank needed far more changes than that. The armor layout is still terribly designed, it's not fun to use (unless you're fighting tier 8s, some 9s and 10s that don't fire premium, in which case it's so broken it becomes funny) and it's not fun to fight against. The armor needed an complete overhaul (it needs specific strongspots and weakspots), and preferably the 14cm should get more buffs/changes in return as well. Oh and derp gun should be removed. As whole, I don't think the Type 5 is terrible after the nerfs, stats show it still performs kinda okay. It still has some great attributes, like 2.9k HP, great gun depression, 600 alpha, decent pen with standard and actually very good gun handling for the alpha. It's just that the armor layout is frustrating, the 14cm can also still be frustrating with the terrible accuracy, mediocre premium shell, high penetration dropoff and poor DPM. It's very, very inconsistent. It's super powerful when top tier but it can also be very underwhelming in some other situations. The problem with the tank is that it's still kinda broken (mostly because of the armor layout, it's just poorly designed in every way and it's not fun for anyone) and it's generally just unfun to play with. There are sessions where I absolutely adore the tank and think it's my favorite tank in the game and then there's sessions where playing it feels like a torture. I mean, it's a super-heavy, it's inconsistent, but it's even more so than other super-heavies like the E 100 or Maus. Again, I don't think the tank is "bad", just because it still can be very overwhelming in a right situation. The problem is that it's just super frustrating to play. And the derp gun is truly awful now and as some people still try to use it...ugh. Either way, I still take it out frequently. I still like the tank. I mean...I liked it even before it got the derp, and back then it was actually awful. The occasional top tier games where the tank still utterly dominates still makes it kinda worth it to me. However, I play it only a few games at time, because more than that will just become frustrating in the long run. A one or two bad games won't really matter to me. It's better that the tank is like this than it was before the changes, because it was really toxic and it was horrible to fight against. However, I really wish the tank could get another rework. There's so many cool things you could do the Type 5 that would make it very unique without the derp gun. Oh well. Guess the Type 5 in way I always wanted it to be will always live on my dreams, at least. Either way, I played so many games in the tank in it's all states that no matter how terrible, broken etc. it is, it will always hold a special place in my heart. At least it looks really f*cking amazing and it's legit one of the most aesthetically pleasing tanks to me. 


But either way, in short, it's overall kinda underrated since the patch. It's not unplayable like some people say, and it can still perform very well (with 14cm), it's just super inconsistent and therefor it can be very frustrating and unfun to play. Despite that, I still like the tank overall, maybe just because I always liked it and I will try to make it work till the end.


6.5/10 (average)


17. 60TP Lewandowskiego

My favorite tier 10 and probably my favorite tank in the game (now that the O-Ho is basically dead), the 60TP has a lot of attributes I like. Excellent alpha damage, yet it has surprisingly decent handling, great HP pool, and although I don't mind slow speeds, being faster than super-heavies is still nice. The armor isn't great, but it can bounce stuff especially when hulldown. Oh and it looks super cool. It feels like an E 100 but more competitive and more flexible, and the better gun performance (aside from the worse HEAT shells) makes it very enjoyable to play to me. It's been one of my go-to tanks since I got it last year, and my best performing tier 10 in the game. It suits my playstyle very well. It feels like the AMX M4 54 that is slightly less comfortable, but the bigger boom, much higher HP pool, more reliable armor layout and the fact it's actually a solid tank makes it even more enjoyable to me. It's a really fun tank if you like big guns like I do, such a shame it's on a line with rather harsh grind (terrible stock grinds and/or terrible tanks). It's not exactly a meta tank, but I really enjoy it and I find it pretty good either way. 


7.5/10 (good)


18. UDES 15/16

The latest addition the game, the UDES does the hydropneumatic suspension gimmick a lot more efficiently than the STB. It's still clunky, but the higher alpha, lower profile, better armor and generally more defensive playstyle makes the suspension far more workable than with the STB. You can clearly see that the suspension mechanic was made for this tank, not for the STB. High alpha damage combined with very high DPM is an interesting combination, which allows the UDES to rack up damage stupidly fast once it's in a position. The gun is kinda derpy, though, and it has other shortcomings like terrible velocity and rather underwhelming penetration. Frontal fuel tanks and rear mounted turret (I hate those reeeee) can make it awkward at times, and although the suspension works far better than on the STB, it's still relatively clunky to use. It also has very, very good camo which is rather unusual combination with high alpha and reasonably decent armor. The armor itself is inconsistent, but once positioned right, it can be rather tanky. It's not exactly a heavium, but it's still on the tankier side of mediums. Not sure  if I enjoy the tank or not, as I don't have enough games with it quite yet. On paper, the high alpha should make it fun, but we'll see. Like the 705A, it's a rather cool design in a way where it's not neither OP or trash, yet it's still very unique. And it looks alien as f*ck. It's a cool tank. At least it's not a STB-1.


6.5/10 (average)


this took like, almost 3 hours, what am I doing with my life lmfao

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Homer_J #11 Posted 10 July 2019 - 09:05 PM

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My tier X tanks - lots, I forget what exactly.


Almost all of them a huge disappointment, apart from two.


Maus because despite what everyone will tell you it can bounce pretty much anything that gets thrown at you.

CGC because weeeee boom lol. :arta:

HundeWurst #12 Posted 10 July 2019 - 09:10 PM


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View PostEzoRedFox, on 10 July 2019 - 08:19 PM, said:

Played the M4 54, T110E4, T-62a, STB, CAX, Sheridan and IS-4.

1.) STB - Really potent if put into a position where you can use your DPM, gun is still pretty derpy but overall feels solid now and the turret while not the best can still bounce a bit. Main downside is the pretty poor mobility as the top speed is lackluster.

2.) IS-4 - Simply an awesome platform. Great all around armour on a platform that can go 40km/h and an armour scheme that can be angled very well. Literally the only issue is the gun which would be piss-poor for tier 9.

3.) AMX M4 54  - A pretty fun but overall poor tank, the armour works as a riot shield where if you shove it in someones face, you'll bounce stuff. Moment you angle however, you've got no armour at all on a super-heavy with an awful HP pool. Gun is a mixed bag, high alpha with good gun handling but low pen and can troll sometimes.

4.) T-62a - Last of the tier Xs I've kept, its really bad. Great gun let down by the awful alpha, a pretty poor platform with mediocre mobility, bad armour outside of the turret and -5* gun depression so super clunky. Very poor tank that is in definite need of being looked at.

5.) Centurion AX - Not worth it over its tier 9 counterpart. Similarly derpy gun, massive platform with modules in easy-to-hit locations. Turret armour is iffy and its pretty much just a downgraded M48.

6.) T110E4 - Really didn't get along with this tank. Hilarious APCR shell but platform was very clunky for me coming from the T30 with -6* gun dep being the main killer for me.

7.) Sheridan - Its a tier X light tank so objectively terrible. Doesn't have a worthwhile advantage in comparison to any NATO tX med.


Whats your efficiency if I may ask?

Non of the tanks you listed is any good. There are far better tech tree tanks than that.


Playing an IS4 in ranked. You must LOVE pain.

leggasiini #13 Posted 10 July 2019 - 09:24 PM

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View PostHundeWurst, on 10 July 2019 - 10:10 PM, said:


Whats your efficiency if I may ask?

Non of the tanks you listed is any good. There are far better tech tree tanks than that.


Playing an IS4 in ranked. You must LOVE pain.


There's such a term called "masochism"



Major_Gitgud #14 Posted 10 July 2019 - 09:28 PM

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too many tanks to write about, but i have sold a few - e100(trash), pz7(trash), jpze100(was a good counter for type 5s, but it doesnt have a turret), obj705a(supposedly armored tank with rear mounted turret, that has weak sidearmor), obj268(trash), k-91(doesnt have vertical stabilization as its implemented as a td, annoying trash to play), t110e5(trash), sheridan(trash lt, that doesnt have anything appart from decent dpm), t110e3(tier 9 is better), amx30b(tier 9 is better), fv4005(it was great, after nerf its not god enough anymore) :D


which ones i enjoy?

hts : wz5a, SQ, 260,50b

meds: m48a5, progetto 65, tvp t50/51, leopard 1

lights: t100lt, ebr 105, amx 13 105

tds: none

arta: hell no

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EzoRedFox #15 Posted 10 July 2019 - 09:58 PM


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View PostHundeWurst, on 10 July 2019 - 09:10 PM, said:


Whats your efficiency if I may ask?

Non of the tanks you listed is any good. There are far better tech tree tanks than that.

Dunno what you mean by efficiency.

btw, the main t9 grind tank i have atm is RU-251 :bajan:

View PostHundeWurst, on 10 July 2019 - 09:10 PM, said:

Playing an IS4 in ranked. You must LOVE pain.

Thread topic was ranking the tier Xs we own, not which tanks we'd play in ranked. Not touching the mode with a 10ft pole.


PowJay #16 Posted 10 July 2019 - 10:10 PM

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Number 1. IS-7. 


My first tier X. I always aimed to get this tank, and although I'm not a great HT player, it continues to win- just about- and so I use it for missions. 


It requires a  reasonable amount of Premium ammo spam to do well but I have had some good battles in it. 


Number 2. Grille 15.


A hateful thing that generally manages 2-3 damaging shots before the game is over or I am destroyed. Troll gun bounces off LTs and the side armour of tier VIII meds with some regularity. I played it a lot yesterday and marveled at how that amazing gun did only 2K damage if I was lucky. 


I was extremely close to selling it, but I don't yet know what to do with the highly trained female crew. 


After that, I've sold the only other two I've ever owned. 

arthurwellsley #17 Posted 10 July 2019 - 10:29 PM


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I have 37 tier X tanks. No arty.


140 - my favourite.

62A - when the 140 got buffed became obsolete.

430U - made the 113 obsolete.

121 - not as good as it's Russian cousins.

K-91 - poor.

Leopard 1 - enjoyable on open maps.

e50M - average all-rounder so useful in pubs.

Bat chat - very player dependent

Skoda 50/51 - more forgiving than the Bat chat

M48 Patton - snap shoot king.

CAX - also a firm favourite of mine even if it's not very good.

STB-1 - not played it enough since the buffs to comment yet.


e100 - HEAT derping not that good.

Maus - useful for missions.

IS7 - where's Steve?

IS4 - very poor

705A - one trick pony.

277 - interesting but not quite as good in niche as 5A?

T110E5 - out dated

T57 - still decent.

AMX 50B - good only when platooned.

AMX M4 mle.54- turret tank

SConq- badly power crept by T95/FV4201

FV412b - useless armour.

113 - power crept by 430U.

WZ 111 5A - best heavy that's not a super heavy.

Type 5 - now useless.

Kranvagn - not played it enough to comment

60TP Lewandoskia - not played it enough to comment


T110E3 - assault TD (edited due to comment below which I sort of agree with). The E3 and v4 have the same niche, but one is Russian.

T110E4 - nice due to turret

268v4 - nerfed to average from OP.

268 - not played it enough to comment

Strv - fantastic at farming damage, harder to influence early games.

FV217 Badger - not very good.

FV215(b) 183 - inconsistent.

AMX FOCH B - average although auto loader vaguely amusing

AMX FOCH (155) - below average.

Jadgpanzer e100 - funny smacking people but pretty useless.

Grille 15 - I used to really like it prior to the nerf, now its a bit meh.


T100 - best light power crept by EBR

AMX 13 105 - not very good although I quite like it.










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Major_Gitgud #18 Posted 10 July 2019 - 10:37 PM

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mostly agree with you arthurwellsley, but e3 is one trick pony as well, it cant assault for crap, as soon as you are not hull down, even every tier 8 can make your lfp look like cheese with standard ap, i tried playing it as an assault td, its simply useless in that role, bobject can do that much better imho, hell eve T95 is more efficient vs tier 10s.

ValkyrionX #19 Posted 11 July 2019 - 01:42 PM


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interesting thread, I will also try to do my personal review of the tier X vehicles in my possession




Interesting tank with rear-hull turret and 152mm gun.
Excellent frontal and side hull armor that turret and cannon really great for short and medium range crashes, which can also do its duty when the enemy is at greater distances with the necessary precautions.
I find it a tank in my opinion phenomenal from many points of view and I find it really fun to play as it is a heavy armored under every feature that make it a great vehiclen to defend strategic positions and to attack very aggressively when the conditions allows it.
Obviously the turret located on the rear could be a disadvantage but this is one of the few tanks with this design that makes the player weigh this type of engineering choice and manages to make ammunition He really useful given the 152mm caliber when it makes sense to use the explosive ammo.
Personal rating 8 out of 10




I lost about 6 months completing missions without much haste to get it and in the end I managed to complete all the missions and have this wonderful tank.

A  tank with a unique design that stands out immediately for its series of 4 tracks and the particular design of the front and side armor.

The tank  shows a phenomenal frontal armor on both hull and turret, but pays this advantage with some weak points, that are ; enormous slowness , 4 tracks means to be immobilized with great ease , hold ammunition positioned on the frontal armor that is easily damaged and fuel tank located on the supports of the track that is damaged even more easily.

For the rest it is a heavy tank in the pure state with an excellent cannon and an excellent DPM and a good general precision of all types of ammunition and as a heavy tank in the true sense of the term it can either attack or defend or block enemies keeping them in check when the situation is favorable.

Really fun to play, one of a kind tank and I'm really glad I won it.

Rated 9 out of 10




When I was stuck at the T55A missions I dreamed of this tank more than any other vehicles present in the game and after a bit of effort I managed to complete all the missions with honor and manage to take this wonderful tank with the best possible result.

Unique vehicle, an excellent mix between a medium tank and a heavy tank.

Great speed, awesome gun , decent general armor make it a multi-role heavium , useful in the most different maps and situations, making it extremely versatile in the style of play without ever being in difficulty even against the strongest enemy.

I find that it is currently one of the most beautiful tier X heavy tank ever to play.

Rated 10 out of 10




The Russian heavy tank of excellence, a true piece of World of Tanks history.

Tank with a unique design and a turret absolutely out of the ordinary for the type of design that allows it to have an incredible and out-of-normal real armor.

Having been my first tier X I remain in love with seeing it every time and it certainly remains in my heart.

Today he has been a bit outclassed by other rivals but he remains a vehicle with so many strong points that he still knows how to assert himself considering the gun and its general armor and good mobility.

A very good Russian boy who still knows how to do punches in battlefields.

Rated 7.5 out of 10




The minor brother of the IS7, a heavy tank of classic design with a turret with a design very inspired by that of IS6.

Excellent general armor and especially side armor make it a really interesting tank for the defense of positions useful to the team but which is not able to do likewise in the attack phase.

A bit slow but not too much, tank quite underestimated by the community as with the right precautions and improvements it could be a brilliant tier X 

The WG must seriously give some love to this tank forgotten by everyone as it has the potential to be a really interesting and competitive tier X.

Rated 6 out of 10




Russian medium tank with interesting features, good general mobility , even if slightly slower than an OBJ140 or OBJ907 which, compared to the other Russian meds, excluding OBJ430U, has a truly exceptional turret armor, a gen decidedly superior to the Russian medium tanks mentioned previously that if combined with the excellent turret is a tank that can defend positions even from the vehicles with the highest penetrations, the excellent cannon and the very good DPM make it an excellent sniper and a tank unique in its kind compared to to the other Russian medium tanks.

Unfortunately he pays for these qualities with an armor of the hull that is very bad and can sometimes be problematic.

In any case I find it a medium undervalued by the community that does not, in my opinion, fully understand the characteristics of this tank.

Rated 8 out of 10




The medium Russian tank desired by many palyers and criticized others.

The OBJ907 is immediately recognized by its particular design, above all that of the hull, really unique in its kind, comparable only to that of the OBJ279(e).

A really interesting medium due to its general characteristics that make it in my opinion a multi-role tank like an OBJ260.

High DPM, good characteristics of the gun , and above all the armor of both hull and turret make it special as with that design it manages with a bit of luck to bounce off the enemy blows , making it possible to be a medium that in some situations of necessity can also having a fight with the heavy tanks, managing to fight them thanks to the troll armor and the good DPM.

It also knows how to be a good sniper but not like a T62A and therefore is inferior in this aspect.

Excellent mobility, not excessive in my opinion, but adequate for the type of vehicle.

Rated 9 out of 10




Tank destroyer with a very special design and noteworthy features.

This TD is based on the hull of the T10 and therefore does not have a good armor on the lower part of the hull, nor on the side worthy of note in this aspect, even the upper part is not particularly armored.

Not having a great armor, but sometimes surprisingly bouncing shots in a completely random way, he manages to have a good mobility and a really high DPM with his high alpha damage thanks to the 152mm gun.

Even if the aim time even after the last buff remains too high in my opinion, with the right precautions it knows how to make the enemys fall into panic and when you need the He of this tank, which have a high penetration, you can inflict damage also for +1100 HP in situations where it is needed.

Busy tank to play but who knows how to give satisfactions.

Personally, I believe it deserves some other small improvement, especially in terms of dispersion, aim time and armor.

Rated 6.5 out 10




The only arty tier X currently in my possession.

Really interesting as it has good mobility characteristics that allow it to relocate on the map with great ease and in a short time and to better follow the actions of the game.

The shots are really accurate, but pay for these qualities with some noteworthy flaws: gun with poor lateral mobility which actually increases dispersion and targeting time on moving targets and often this results in missed shots, as well as the 180mm main gun fails to do really massive damage but only to slow down the enemy actions through its really fast reloading time and its overall accuracy on placed shots.

Arty interesting but not very useful for example in CW or in other more competitive modes than the random battles.

Rated 6.5 out of 10



T57 Heavy Tank

Absolutely my favorite autoloader heavy tank.

This tankn is presented with an absolutely out of the ordinary design, with a really strange and interesting turret, and in my opinion stylistically beautiful, compared to those we see in the other more classic heavy tanks.

In my opinion this vehicle is a real monster on the battlefield , on almost all the maps and in all the situations.

The tank has an acceptable armor for being an autoloader and has adequate mobility for its role.

It can be an excellent support tank, but when needed it can also be an excellent front-line heavy tank if the situation allows it to make the most of its absolutely monstrous DPM for an autoloader.

He knows how to do his best, and if he relies on his DPM he knows how to throw down even the most difficult opponents.

Obviously it cannot and must not be a great sniper but a tank to make fights on short and medium distances even if sometimes it also manages to surprise in long distance shots.

I love this vehicle and I find it really one of the most beautiful and versatile tier X of the game, great in the random and also useful in the CW if played properly.

Rated 9.5 out of 10




The old rival of the Russian counterpart, the IS7.

A tank with a classic design, with a good general armor, even after the nerf, remains quite well armored.

An interesting tank still today with interesting features.

A cannon with good general characteristics and acceptable alpha damage and DPM, good mobility.

Today surely has been outclassed by other vehicles but in my opinion it remains a really good tank to play that knows how to surprise and embarrass the opponents if used properly and with a bit of precautions.

Surely others heavy do better than this but not for this is a not noteworthy tank

Rated 6.5 out of 10




There are so many adjectives in the vocabulary, but only one can really describe this medium American tank: exceptional.

This tank is absolutely my favourite medium in the game.

It comes with the classic design based on Patton, with a slightly different hull and a different turret that has had several variations over time.

This tank is absolutely a sniper born, the precision of the cannon, with every type of ammunition is absolutely amazing and out of the ordinary, excellent the damage of alpha from 390 and an absolutely excellent DPM; moreover it has a really incredible mobility that allow an interesting style of play and easy to relocate in a short time.

As already mentioned, he is a high quality sniper but he knows even in the most desperate and critical situations to fight, but only when really necessary, asserting the great characteristics of the cannon, emerging from the corners taking snapshots of the opponents to avoid enemy shots as obviously it is very little armored and has a fairly weak ammunition hold and positioned on the front.

I find this tank in short amazing and fantastic to play and I am convinced that it is by far one of the best medium tier X in the whole game.

Rated 9.5 out of 10




If I have to be honest, this is not, in my opinion, a light one, but it wants to be a miniature M60 but obviously fails to be so as we all know the WG must secretly hate the  light tanks tier X
The vehicle comes with a really strange hull that incredibly on the back manages to have rebounds that have nothing logical in my opinion, for the rest of the armor is not its strong point.
Good mobility, acceptable for its size and a good visual range.
The cannon would not be badly combined with its DPM, but the dispersion too high and the lack of penetration, common to all the light tiers X, make it less the tendency to play it as a vehicle of support to medium and long distances.
Rated 6.5 out of 10



WZ 111 5A

The bad Chinese guy.
It looks like a vehicle designed with good general characteristics, good cannon with high damage per shot and quite precise, excellent mobility, acceptable armor in spite of the two domes.
He pays for his excellent mobility and the good cannon with a badrmor of the hull, above all on the front and besides the ammorack is very easy to be damaged.
However, it is an excellent vehicle with excellent general characteristics that its gun depression should be used to make it effective on the battlefield.
A complete vehicle, which personally does not make me crazy, but which I find great in many respects.

I play it little in the random battles because I can't find a good feeling, but paradoxically I can have excellent results in the CW and in the ranked battles.
Rated 8 out of 10




If you are not careful when you face this vehicle as an opponent, you may seriously regret it.
Never underestimate a 113.
Really interesting vehicle with good general characteristics, very good its DPM and the cannon in general is not bad.
Excellent his mobility and his alpha damage of 440 per shot.
The armor is certainly better than the counterpart, the WZ 111 5A, but pays this advantage with the turret positioned on the central part of the hull which sometimes results in a disadvantage despite the gun depression.
However, if you rely on its excellent DPM, this vehicle is able to grind large amounts of damage and seriously tear down the most difficult opponents
Like the WZ 11 5A the ammunition hold of this tank is really too weak for an armored vehicle.
Rated 8.5 out of 10




He would like to be a bad guy, but in reality he is a paper tiger.

The vehicle itself is beautiful to look at, a classic Chinese tank with a classic medium tank design.
It stands out for the high damage by stroke of 440 which however is not supported by a gun handling able to assert this strength point and therefore it is less to what should be its role.
For hull characteristics it is basically a bigger T62A with a turret based on the Soviet T54, which however despite the two domes can bounce a few shots but which is not in my opinion sufficient for a tier X tank and which would deserve an armor buff on the front of the turret at least 35-40mm.
Same thing the cannon needs serious improvements in terms of aim time and dispersion, but its DPM is good.
Mobility is not excessive but acceptable.
Obviously this vehicle has been overrated in all respects by the Russian OBJ430U with which, in theory, it should share the role of medium armored frontline vehicle.
Rated 5.5 out of 10



AMX M4 mle 54

Having practiced boxing in my life for many years, I can say that this heavy  is a real high quality boxeur.

We have been used for years, excluding the FOCH family tankdestroyers, to French vehicles with non-existent and totally useless armor, until the WG inserted this branch into the French technological tree.
I was pleasantly surprised by the characteristics of this vehicle, a really good front armor with the right number of wekaspots, but who can do its duty.
Design of the whole vehicle really particular, above all that of the turret that if used properly is something really competitive and that knows how to make the opponents' knees tremble.
Acceptable DPM and excellent gun depression, good damage per shot and good overall accuracy, as well as mobility is really good for a tank so big that it might seem awkward but actually knows how to move well on the battlefields.
it is a good tank that knows how to give its satisfactions but that requires an experienced player to be effective on the battlefields.
Rated 8 out of 10




If some tier X tanks are absolutely undervalued by the community, this is certainly one of them and I honestly don't understand why.
If I had to describe this tank in a few words, I could absolutely say that it is a LORR40T placed as a heavy tank tier X, because playing it is my feeling.

Obviously the armor is not its strong point, but the combination of mobility, good precision, and not too long charging and acceptable DPM, make this vehicle an excellent support tank for medium and long distances and succeeds in times of need to be the balance's point in the fastest and most violent attacks that need much damage in a short time and actions done in the shortest possible time.
it is a vehicle capable of giving satisfactions, but like other unique tanks of its kind, it requires an experienced player to be effective on the battlefields and to be played to the fullest it must exploit every situation opportunistically.
The only sore point in my opinion is the Ap ammunition, too slow compared to the APCR and which would deserve a slight speed buff.
For the rest it is a tank also useful in CW, fun and interesting as a style of play.
Rated 8 out of 10



BC 25T

I think we all know what we're talking about when it comes to this tank.
A truly unique autoloader medium vehicle, it stands out for its excellent visual range, excellent camo, good mobility, the fact of having a really high clip potential, obviously with a long recharge, but which is a degree to make wagons with about 1500 HP spread in no time.
There is little to say in this case, either one loves or hates.
I find this cart hateful and at the same time beautiful to play as it manages to cover more roles according to need and manages to be a real thorn in the side of the opponents if played in an opportunistic way, making the most of situations thanks to the reading of matches by an experienced player.
Rated 9 out of 10




The German technological tree has the Leopard 1, the French the AMX 30B.
This wagon is characterized by its elegant design and beautiful shapes to look at and personally I find it one of the most beautiful wagons, aesthetically speaking, of the whole game.
At the present time the WG is working on its buff as its current characteristics do not do it justice and at the moment they see it as a wagon that needs some love as it is a jewel that should be asserted, since it deserves to be a all the effects of being the Leopard 1 in French sauce.

Currently the tank has a very bad level of penetration both with standard ammunition and with HEAT and in addition the dispersion and accuracy of the shots need a considerable improvement, as well as the speed of the shots must be increased a lot.
For the rest the visual radius is good as well as the DPM is absolutely adequate and the mobility is absolutely excellent.
I remain confident in its future improvements to be able to play it better.
Rated 6.5 out of 10



AMX 13 105

He would like to be a miniature BC 25T, sometimes he can sometimes not.
I find this tank interesting to play even though in my opinion, like all light tanks tier X are absolutely useless atm.
The vehicle comes with the classic style of the light tanks of the AMX series, but this time it mounts a 105 mm cannon with 390 damage for a total of 3 shots and a fair amount of damage if the whole clip goes to penetrate the enemy.
The vehicle itself plays it as a passive spotter and with binoculars and a camouflage net manages to give great satisfactions in the maps where taking advantage of it without being seen can render a great service to the allied team and currently I have my record with this  as far as it's about spot damage and if I remember correctly I think I got 15k of spot damage, not bad.
In the smaller maps he suffers his low DPM and his not exceptional mobility but if the blows are asserted until the end of the game he manages to be a valid and very situational tank.

Rated 7 out of 10



AMX 50 FOCH 155mm

I had the chance to buy this tank during the Black Market event and I must say that I didn't regret it at all.
This tank looks like a TD autoloader that has 3 shots available for 750 damage each and a very high total clip damage.
The vehicle itself has a fair frontal armor with a fair number of weakspots, good mobility but a very bad basic visual radius and a bad camo and a non-existent armor on the rest of the hull.
On the other hand, given the high clip damage, the cannon, although accurate in a completely closed circle, has too slow shots in my opinion and a really too high aim time, unfortunately the refill is also embarrassing to say the least and this negatively affects DPM.
it is an interesting tank but certainly not in the goal, but having it in the garage and playing with it a few times from time to time can have its own because it is not too often able to pull out really interesting games if the situation is favorable.
In a nutshell this tank is pure RNG.

Rated 6 out of 10



T95/FV4201 Chieftain

I had the opportunity to take this vehicle during the campaign preceding the one currently in progress and of course I'm using it with excellent results during the CW on the global map these days.
This tank, hybrid of the original Chieftain MK6, shows a really impressive hull and an equally large turret.
The vehicle bases its strengths on the good cannon mixed with the excellent gun depression, the incredible armor of the turret on the front and the upper front part of the extremely inclined hull which actually increases the aggressiveness of this tank in exploiting the depressions of the ground to his advantage to keep opponents in check.
On the other hand, this tank loses all its effectiveness on the battlefields if it does not exploit these characteristics and also has a relatively weak ammunition hold as well as a fuel tank that is easy to damage and arty blows can do a lot of critical damage to this vehicle.
The rest of the armor is obviously absolutely useless if it is not played using the ground to its advantage and in contrast, compared to Super Super Conquero it has a less precise cannon, with an inferior but acceptable DPM and a much lower turret rotation speed.
However, it is an extremely competitive tankhat causes fear when in an advantageous position and that probably should receive a small nerf by slightly increasing the size of the small dome placed on the tower to have at least one weakspot that is not small about 3 or 4 pixels.

Rated 9 out of 10



Super Conqueror

Absolutely one of the strongest and most competitive tier X heavy tanks that WoT has ever seen.
Introduced to replace the old FV215B, this heavy tank bases its strengths on the excellent gun depression mixed with the excellent accuracy of the shots with decent alpha damage and the incredible DPM and the great speed of rotation of the turret this seasoned by a gun handling absolutely out of the ordinary and the excellent armor of the tower, excellent but not exceptional.
Obviously this vehicle pays for these excellent characteristics with a poor armor in the lower part of the hull, although sometimes the lateral armor is able to absorb some HEAT and obviously it is not a vehicle known for its great speed.
There is little to say about this tank as we all know how extremely valuable it is from all points of view.
Rated 9 out of 10




Replaced long ago by the Super Conqueror, which is best suited as a tier X vehicle after the 9th Conqueror, it looks like a tank with a rear turret featuring a high DPM, a slightly better gun in terms of gun handling than the Super Conqueror, at least in my opinion, and with a total absence of armor on almost the entire wagon, including the turret.
The tank itself is absolutely excellent even if difficult to play because the absence of a good armor increases the difficulty of playing a tank with a rear turret and not even the excellent cannon can sometimes compensate for these disadvantages.
Unfortunately, the absence of armor is so noticeable and even the arty blows are able to demolish this tank bringing a huge amount of critical damage.
I sincerely hope that the WG plans to give a serious buff to the lateral armor of the tank, to reduce the likelihood of fire and also to give greater armor to the upper part below the turret which, if hit, is a real break.
Rated 7 out of 10



FV217 Badger

a bad and dangerous badger!

This tank, which replaced the old and dear FV215B 183 as it made more sense as the end of the technology branch, is a real tough bone in all respects.
The vehicle comes with a really interesting design that can use the excellent sun gun depression to greatly increase the real armor of the upper front part of the hull able to put in difficulty the  enemies with the highest penetrations.
The wagon does its job thanks to this combination of facts, combined with the excellent DPM and the really high damage per stroke and its excellent precision, but pays this advantage with not too high penetration but in turn supplied with explosive ammunition really a treat if used in the right moments.
Obviously he is not a champion of speed and when the games are too fast you risk having to literally chase everyone for the whole game with scarce results, instead when the situation is the opposite you should dominate the battlefield.
Wagon really interesting but that does not suit everyone in my opinion.
Rated 8.5 out of 10



FV215B 183

No adjective can describe this tank but only this acronym; RNG

Yes, RNG in the pure state multiplied by 100 times.
This vehicle comes with a huge rear turret equipped with a monstrous cannon with a caliber of 183 millimeters which in turn has APs with 1150 damage, HE with poor penetration and 1750 damage per shot and the incredible HESH ammunition with a penetration of 230mm with damage per shot also equal to 1750.
Obviously the refill and the gun handling in general are not the strong point of this vehicle but despite these factors affect the strokes are quite precise in a completely closed circle and playing with time being able to become familiar with the cannon and addiruttura take some snapshots from time to time much.
Needless to say, playing this tank with HESH is absolutely a must as it penetrates an opposing vehicle and if it's okay to destroy it with a blow or even do him 2000 damage is an absolutely incredible satisfaction and too much fun to see.
A jewel in my opinion
Rated 7.5 out of 10




I'm not a super heavy lover like the Type 5 and the Maus, but I have to say that when I started playing this vehicle long before it got the derp cannon, I had my satisfaction in playing it.
Before the cannon buff with the AP the tank suffered in a clear way of a good penetration but this was compesanto by an excellent general gun handling for a vehicle of this kind.
The introduction of the derp has made this wagon unfit, and the armor buff, a true meaningless monster and today after its rebalancing I have to say that it covers the role it deserves without too many pretensions, at least from what I see in the playing fields .
I'm not interested in reviewing this tank because I don't play it anymore.
Rated 6.5 out of 10



TVP T50/51

Despite my bad win rate in the random battles, I can have excellent results with this medium beloved wagon in the CW and in the ranked and I must say that I did well to grind it.
The veioclo has several strengths, the good autoloader cannon with a decent clip damage with a more or less decent DPM, excellent mobility and excellent visual range.
Compared to all the other autoloaders, the vehicle is able to unload the entire clip at a monstrosity speed causing the opponent to fall into a panic, even better if it is possible to trace.
There is little to say about this wagon, it knows how to keep the field well and knows how to make its excellent contribution from every point of view and knows how to take advantage of situations in a truly opportunistic way and is able to grind excellent amounts of damage.

Rated 9 out of 10

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I have only 3 so far, nearly have the Obj 705 A and E100


60TP - Hardly even needs saying, a monster with enormous alpha that comes with decent accuracy and gun depression, strong hard to pen turret (although the cupola is more prominent than most other heavies). Also being one of the most fearsome heavies in the game right now makes it a popular arty target so remember to pack your spall liner! 9/10


IS7 - Jack of all trades, master of none in my opinion, a solid tank but really quite average in all aspects other than speed (it is bloody quick). A solid tank but it has been somewhat powercreeped compared to say the 60TP. 7/10


Maus - Against lower tiers an almost impenetrable wall of steel, however in tier X games it is a gold magnet and the front of the turret is quite easy to pen so it is hard to trade shots. Also very slow and easy for arty to hammer. It has decent gun accuracy and if angled carefully can still block a lot of damage but it isn't as foolproof as it looks. 6/10

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