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Please add a Leaguesystem to CW`s and SH`s

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Leaguesystem for CW`s and SH`s?

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Owi #1 Posted 12 July 2019 - 05:24 PM


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Hi all,


Im in a Clan that is average. We play for fun but also with a serious amount to play CWs and Shs  . We have daily Sh`s or CW`s depend what is up in WOT.

But for us reallife comes befor the game.

Im commanding a few battles in the Week.

I see a few points to implement a league System into the game that be great for players and the whole game.

The point is that Top 100 Clans are picking easy fights on global maps - like grinding the easy fights. Most of this provinces have 32 attackers while Top Clans have sometimes not even more then 10 ( i saw provinces with 4).

It is a bit annoying and frustating if you fight 1-2 hours hard matches in Clanwars throught a tourney and in the end geting raped by a Top 100 Clan in under 5 min simply becaus they are way better due regular traing and more playing time. .But we know that a decent elo for our clan is not beatàble in 1/25 battles you may get lucky if the commander overcommits. But even if the bring 15 reward tanks while most of the average clans can be happy if the have 1-2 tanks like that.


Why not get a Leaguesystem into WOT like 1. League (Top 250 Clans) 2.League Top 250-500 3. League 500-1000 ...

The benefits for everyone will be more competetive, fair games and rewards.

There is no chance in hell to get any great rewards for average players but we also spend alot time into this game but we cant spend 24hours on a clan just to be competetive.

Top 100 Clans simply win everything and that way the get even better.


If we have a Leaguesystem that also adds up rewards based on what league you are in and having a chance to claim somnething that improves the clan itself will make the game more enjoable and fair to everyone.

Right now its a Top 100 Clan grind lower clans and the big pot will be split up between them - nothing more or less.

Simply reduce rewards within the leaguesystem based on % or something like that. 

Example: 1, League rewards is 10000 gold in 2. it will be 5000 and on 3. it is only 2500.


We will have more fair, exciting and interessting games within SHs and CWs.


This goes for Strongholds aswell. Mean we play a daily advance but if you face a Top 100 clan, spending your evening with the Clan but getting blown away in 30 min even we try to fight back it is less fun then lossing against a same class clan.


Noone in reallife watches football games where a Champoinsleague Club play agaisnt a 2 or 3 League Club.

Vote for a Laaguesystem!!! May be add something like friendly Wars open for any League. THere are so much options with a Leaguesystem.

Silas001 #2 Posted Yesterday, 11:24 PM


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I was hoping for a league/ranked system in team modes since the beginning but nope - WG is over the whole eSports thing (I hope you have no issue with me using that word for competitive teamplay in WoT).


There used to be ESL and WG Series with Bronze/Silver/Gold League (but not ingame and with no serious corresponding ingame mode) - gone. For a short time there was Ranked Teambattles: completely ingame and in leagues with only short seasons. Despite its flaws it was still awesome and thus cancelled in the middle of season 2 (When it still couldnt really be called a fully finished game mode)


Skirmishes/Strongholds still has kind of a ranking system matching by average personal rating (Tho I think ELO also plays a role) but reward-wise it doesnt matter wether you play on ELO 900 or 1600 which is weird So with no incentive to play against better opponents if anything people try to game the system and lower their rating which is no good basis to begin with.


Now WG tries to sell their own 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 tournaments as eSports which is laughable. No kind of ranking - just randomly throwing together all kinds of players once a day and obv. no team-oriented modes.


During the last couple campaigns there were 3 fronts with a sharp increase in rewards (FamePoints) and thus also a high difference in skill. After overwhelming positive feedback they kept the last 3 campaigns basically unchanged - for now and that concept doesnt really transfer to normal CW seasons.


So all in all I would approve such a league system (although your proportions are a little bit off - Throwing all of Top250 in one league doesnt make much sense).

However I wouldnt hold my breath.



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Benistown_GagsoisbisteDD #3 Posted Yesterday, 11:40 PM

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In campaign there are fronts, cw there at least the last time i played it where different amounts of gold per zone and advance/sh mm is done with elo rating( obvs if there isnt enough teams playing it can match a "good" clan against yours)

There could be leagues, but there honestly shouldnt be any prizes thats worth anything (cw tanks, gold, bonds) in any other than the top league since it would just be a incentive for rigging.

before you ask ill give you an example. Say a clan isn't doing that great in the top league so what they is lose their way into the second league and stay there until some event starts.
And badabimbadabom you just got yourself some free tanks, gold, bonds and all the other good stuff becouse you are facing worse clans than you should/would if you didnt rig. 

Homer_J #4 Posted Today, 03:02 AM

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View PostOwi, on 12 July 2019 - 05:24 PM, said:


The point is that Top 100 Clans are picking easy fights on global maps


What would stop the players from a top clan joining a lower clan just for the luls?

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