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Dmg blocking missions.

armour block oparmour

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Poll: Dmg blocking missions. (25 members have cast votes)

You have to complete 250 battles in order to participate this poll.

Are dmg blocking mission boring?

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    Percentage of vote: 24.00%

  2. No. (5 votes [20.00%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 20.00%

  3. Yes!!! And please removed them from the game plz xxx (9 votes [36.00%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 36.00%

  4. No, please add more I love them. (5 votes [20.00%] - View)

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Mike_Mee #1 Posted 12 July 2019 - 08:41 PM


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Ok, this is one of my big peeves of the game. Dmg blocking missions, I find insanely boring. I own good tanks to block dmg with, IS-7, Obj 260, Maus Type 4 to name the ones I have been playing recently. But...….. YAWN!!!!!!!!!


Seriously, I find them super frustrating and I get bored very quickly. But if I want to get the Excalibur or the other tanks I have to try. So I wanted to know how people fell about them, and any tip beyond "Just fight hull down coz that's super fun" tactic. Or any super cheeky low teir tanks I'm forgetting that are good at it(I'm doing the Russian/German ones atm)


Feel free to take part in the poll and maybe WG will remove them...…. Not :trollface: 

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Dava_117 #2 Posted 12 July 2019 - 11:16 PM


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I love damage block mission. Easiest mission of the set IMO! I would gladly get more! :)

UrQuan #3 Posted 13 July 2019 - 07:57 AM

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The blocking damage missions are mainly there imo to teach people about target prioritization in armored tanks & also to promote playing your armored tanks in the frontline of battle.


The blocking damage missions teach you to prioritize the ones who can damage you easy above the ones who have trouble dealing damage to you. It also teaches you about getting player aggro in your armored tanks; shoot the guys who have no interest in you, to get more chance to accumulate blocked damage as you try & get their attention.

And ofc, you'll be more eager to get to the frontline in your armored tank, as that's where you can collect most blocked damage.


AHNHEM #4 Posted 13 July 2019 - 08:10 AM


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Vk100whateverP german 8 will do it for u, just play like a fucktard, as the missions are setup and u are fine. GL and hide that cupola!

splash_time #5 Posted 13 July 2019 - 10:22 AM


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I really like damage block missions, especially when i play my Emils or obj 263. :teethhappy:

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