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BOSHKOSRB #1 Posted 14 July 2019 - 11:49 AM


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So, which statement is a lie? 7.5% to all crew skills or that one what show that vent is only applied on Firepower (whatever that mean) and Spotting?
Also, by *All crew skills* what that mean anyway? Driver will drive (higher speed, faster getting to top speed, better hull traverse) or driver will get some extra bonus on his additional skills or extra bonus on all of this except for perks?

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PointZero #2 Posted 14 July 2019 - 12:32 PM

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+7.5% to all crew skills

Firepower = reload, accuracy etc, those are affected by the loader & gunner

Spotting = viewrange, that is affected by commander (extra for Recon) and radio-operator (Sit.Awareness)

Mobility = some minor benefits you won't be able to notice, Driver



Now here's the real pro-tip: those WG sliders are really awfull for information, +12 to firepower & a slider really tells you nothing. Whenever I want to know what certain skills  or equipment change on my tank I use the ingame vehicle comparison tool (the Scales -icon next to the Research button on top right) which allows you to kit out your tank differently and see the difference in performance much more clearly. (photoshop magic on the equipment icons for clarity's sake.)


1st one is your tank with your current crew setup (just BIA) & equipment

2nd one is exactly the same but using improved ventilation

3rd one is a bonus one where I've switched your Gun laying drive + Vertical stabilizer setup to Vstab + Rammer


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