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About the game settings - Multithreading Engine, FPS and Frontline mode, audio settings and new AMD ...

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ValkyrionX #1 Posted 17 July 2019 - 10:57 AM


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good morning to all, today I feel the need to write about some shortcomings , which I have already underlined in the past in other threads , regarding the implementation of some options and technical features.



Graphic settings:


Quality of 3D rendering


-Some games, both old and modern, allow the user to set the graphic mototre, that is the 3D render far beyond the default setting of 100%, up to settings of over 150% to have greater image sharpness and improve quality at any resolution.
It would be interesting to make it possible also on WOT, especially for those who play with high-end hardware, in order to increase the quality of the images per second that the graphics engine processes in order to have better results in aesthetic terms.
Surely it is a setting that is lacking and that would be useful to have in play.




Multithreading Engine and FPS in Frontline mode

-WG's work was excellent in the development and consequent introduction of a multithreading system optimized to ensure that the game's graphics engine could benefit from a more logical and balanced use of mutlicores processors to make the yield of frames per second more stable over time.

A more sensible influx and better distributed workload on all the cores of a CPU, substantially freeing resources and favoring the potential of the video card of the user.

Currently the primary beneficiaries of this technical innovation go for 90% to the advantage of classic modes that are in fact played on classic maps , this cannot be completely stated with regards to Frontline mode.
I will make a thread about this issue.
I simply wanted to underline that I noticed with great surprise that the use of my computer's processor, during gaming sessions in the FL has 100% utilization on "core 0" and a markedly inferior use of the other 3 cores [thus a CPU 4 cores] with respect to the other game modes where the breakdown of the calculation useful for game processing is distributed almost completely identical on all the cores, resulting in a more stable frame rate over time, which despite the improvements in this field of mode FL, still remains a problem and I sincerely hope that a remarkable improvement in multithreading is being developed as regards the distribution of processing in a more balanced way on all the CPU cores to avoid blocking the main core and having a scarce and poorly distributed use of the remaining ones.

All this obviously for a better yield of FPS in the FL





Create custom graphic presets and save as custom settings

-It would be interesting, and certainly welcome, to be able to allow the user to be able to create customized game graphics settings and to have real slots to save them and upload them at will.
This new feature would be useful as in the different modes the player needs different settings that can improve the gaming experience, sometimes quality is needed and sometimes it is necessary to have all possible FPS.
From personal experience, despite a good hardware , I reduce the settings during tournaments to a minimum, same during CWs to have the greatest possible fluidity, and then return to the optimal graphical settings for superior image quality, appreciated in the other modes.
Being able to create sets of personal settings that can be loaded and saved at will would be really useful.





Audio settings:



Ping the map

-Several times over time on this forum, me like others, have expressly requested the possibility of having a setting in the audio section that allows you to disable/enable or adjust the volume for the game sound related to pinging the mini-map.
A simple request, easy to introduce, but ignored for years.
We are still waiting.



Audio frequency

-Still with regards to the audio settings, it would be interesting, at least for a nerd like me, to have specific settings directly in the client with regards to the audio output frequency for the device in use, whether they are stereo speakers, 5.1 or 7.1 audio or gaming headphones.
I find it really boring having to go into the Windows audio settings when many games allow these changes directly from the game settings.




New AMD drivers:


AMD Radeon Anti-lag

-AMD has recently released, perhaps a couple of weeks at the most, the new beta drivers 19.7.1 where the new so-called anti-lag function has been introduced.
This function promises to decrease the so-called "input-lag" of peripherals such as mouse and keyboard, or the time required for the computer to process the input command given by the user to these control devices.
Obviously we are talking about processing times in milliseconds but absolutely intuitable to the user in terms of response and real effect during the game phases.
Personally I noticed a good margin of improvement in the response times in the peripherals and I wanted to know, obviously from the users with AMD GPU , which are your impressions about this new function present in the drivers just released.






vasilinhorulezz #2 Posted 17 July 2019 - 11:02 AM


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I at the very least wait for them to fix multicore usage first. Then we can get back to other suggestions. It's 2019 (almost 2020) ffs.

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ValkyrionX #3 Posted 17 July 2019 - 11:06 AM


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View Postvasilinhorulezz, on 17 July 2019 - 11:02 AM, said:

I at the very least wait for them to fix multicore usage first. Then we can get back to other suggestions. It's 2019 (almost 2020) ffs.


the frontline mode at present does not use the multithreading processing system efficiently and this still translates into FPS that are reduced either in their instability and in their reduction in terms of average FPS over time.


This problem gets worse if the game session gets longer.


The calculation breakdown does not efficiently use the cores in the same way and this is a serious problem in terms of performance that affect the gameplay of the user.

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