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ConductiveMetal #1 Posted 20 July 2019 - 01:15 PM


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Need help regarding this tank and I'd appreciate any advices... 

In my heart, I always hoped this tank wouldn't turn out to be like most of my friends said - a big no-no.

Decided to grind the KV-4 because it was the only line I had any interest anymore, but boy, oh boy-  that was a big mistake. Don't get me wrong, it has its good points, decent armor, good gun (talking about the 107mm), but it's not that great... after I barely managed to finish it, I went on to the next one... which apparently is not much of an improvement over the predecessor... with the exception of not having a double tower for a turret.

Anyway, I got everything researched on it, running V.Stab. and Gun Rammer, repairs + Snapshot, but this tank just messes with me 98% of the time. Here's an example: E75 and 430 shoot gold at me and don't penetrate, BUT!, Standard B shoots regular shells and eats me alive; frontal armor, same angles from both parties.

Meanwhile, regarding firepower, the gun just disappoints over the case of "meh, it's ok, it can happen". The aim is poor, the penetration doesn't work most of the times- because of the aim... finding myself hitting perfectly reasonable spots on the tank, just to hear "We didn't penetrate that" or "Ricochet" (in ruski). The damage... not so great, since I find myself doing most of the time under 400 dps rolls... but you can live with that.

My biggest question would be: Do you really need to facehug an enemy just so you're able to hit & ACTUALLY penetrate the target?! You can forget sniping and mid-range firing... because this is a weapon made for the 1800 use.

And I'm keeping my hopes up, that IS-4 won't be that bad... or that IF IT'S BAD, then the promised buff by WG will improve the tank line a lot more... So, any advices are more than welcome... well... since this tank just grinds my gears...

P.S.: I don't recommend to anyone, grinding this line. The only tanks worth it, imo, are T-150 and KV-3.

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