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So I bought the E50M

obligatory meme weak QB

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In_Flames90 #21 Posted 24 July 2019 - 12:54 PM


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I like the E50M, but it I still think there's something weird, overlooked thing going on. I've discussed it plenty of times with other clanmates as well. If you compare the E50 to E50M, there really isn't anything happening from the transition. You gain some HP as is normal when going up a tier, a change in ammo and some slight mobility (Traverse gets better, but terrain resistances goes up). All the other Tier 10 mediums get something to make them slightly different from their Tier 9 counterparts.

The only tanks worth comparing is the Skodas, as they are also basically the same tank, but it gets 1 more shot in it's clip, slightly better aim time and 10m more view range.

The other Tier 9 to Tier 10:

-About a 400 DPM increase on average.

-Better aim time.

-Better dispersion values.

-Most gain some armor as they change the armor layout.

-A few get more view range.

-A few get more gun depression.

-Mobility mostly stay about the same.

-The M48 Patton actually loses 1 degree of gun depression, 3 degrees of elevation and 3 kmph top speed, but that's almost the only time the Tier 10 have some sort of worse stat than the Tier 9.


Just give the E50M something from the list above, even if it's just 10m more view range at least it's something.





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MrGimpSuit #22 Posted 24 July 2019 - 05:20 PM

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I bought the E50M before I took my hiatus in Feb, Just now coming back and I still don't dare play it, probably because my tier 10 skillz are lacking. However I do love my E50 even though the turret is mega pants it just feels comfortable to play and bullying tier 7's is just troll.


I do play 100% gold spam tho! Once a Dinger always a Dinger :coin:

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