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Battel informations and Commander funktions

commander tactic strategy information

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Xenon123 #1 Posted 22 July 2019 - 01:05 PM


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Hi all,

i think the frontline modus is very popular but i miss some informations durig respawn, you too?  we can choose between front 1, 2 or 3 and see some green and red marks on the map but i miss detail informations.

how many enemys are on each front?

how many TD, SFL, Heavys med and lights ar one each field? or

how many players are dead till respawn?
driving players on Front 2 can see some enemy informations by press TAB (standart list) about front 2 but we cant see any informations about the other (front 1 and 3). just some collored marks and a finger to count them.

i prepared an example to get more informations with Paint but i think you see what i mean.

Posted Image

if a player is dead and take a look at the map he will see all inforamtions to choose the right tank for each situation.
sometimes u cant see the current tanks on one spot cause the icons and names are blocking each other. EX.: "just mediums or are there some heays in the cap? or only lights??"


another problem is the tactical support.
its eayser to win as attaking team cause they dont have to make tactical plans. Just overrun them or confuse them.
but the def team need a leading player to give orders to be effective against the attaking team.


Ex battelfield 2142: in the begining each player who wants to be the commander push a button "commander" and the team accept or abort the vote. The commander is a player like all others, run around, shoot and kill enemys but he also get the commander menu to give orders to the team, deploy an EMP, a drone or ammunition boxes. He see the gameplay like a bird with a satelite system. he also had satelite scan for enemys and deploy attilary.



Something like this in Frontline would be nice. A Commander Vote before starting the battle and than the commander gives orders to the team.


ex1: on front A as defence team he could chose between 7 or 8 respawn points in this field and deploy an order for a new medium tank. By clicking this spot he can choose between light med heavy TD or SFL and all dead palyers get the information and could follow the order or choose another tank with random spawnpont.

ex2: he clicks on a TD player and on another spot on the map to deploy an arrow. The TD player gets the information on his mini map with the commander order to park his TD on this location with the aiming direction.

ex3: the commander control the artillary, the spotting planes and bomber planes.


nobody must follow the comander orders and could play his own ego game but following the orders generates more points for the ranking and some special medals for the commander and palyers. And its importat that the commander is a palyer like all others with his tanks from the garage. A stationary Commander who cant drive his tanks in the battel isnt a good idea. The commander is a normal Player with extra commanding funktions.


i think one commander for each team could be a nice gameplay but not for this Frontline season.
Season 2020 with commander who commands the team to play like team with tactic or a strategy and team support sounds great.


what do u think?


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