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Warsaw Uprising, August 1, 1944

warsaw uprising history ww2

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shogun_PL #1 Posted 01 August 2019 - 02:23 PM


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I've just noticed a mission in the game to commemorate the heroic Warsaw Uprising on August 1, 1944. I do appreciate that but surprisingly, the announcement and a thread on the forum are only available in the Polish language. So here I am, to remind about this largest military effort taken by any European resistance against the Germans. Also, I'd like everybody to remember that on that day, the Russians left the Poles all alone to bleed out, according to a direct order from Kremlin. The Soviet army could easily seize Warsaw at that moment but they preferred to halt just a few kilometres from Warsaw and watch up to 200 000 Poles die in that heroic fight. I assume it's the awareness of that shame that makes the Russian-speaking developers to prefer the English-speaking part of the community not to hear and remember about it...


For everybody who isn't into the thing but would be interested to learn more about that heroic historical event I recommend the 2014 war film Warsaw 44 (Miasto 44), which apart from history tells a lot of action and emotions:



And a great piece of dubstep used in the movie:


Captain_Kremen0 #2 Posted 02 August 2019 - 08:13 AM

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this will be a test for the mods - Vladimir and his boys are still in denial about some of the less heroic areas of WW2.

But yeah, standing by as the Polish free army got massacred was nearly as shitty as Katyn.

Katyn that even the UK govt only acknowledged the truth of in the late 1990's so I guess Vlad isn't the only one who likes to bend history.

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